Pro-Ject's two new affordable turntables promise audiophile quality for less

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Pro-Ject Audio Systems makes some of the best turntables we've ever tested. From all-in-one solutions with a phono preamp built-in and Bluetooth support like the Juke Box E1 to classic decks with modern features like automatic speed change such as Debut Carbon Evo, the Austrian hi-fi brand offers a wide-range of models, and it's got two great0looking cheaper models coming.

Its latest launch is aimed at those looking to take their first steps into vinyl. The all-new Pro-Ject T2 and T2 Super Phono are an expansion of the brand's first Wi-Fi ready T2 W turntable that was launched late last year, just without the wireless tech. The T2 series is the step-up from the Pro-Ject T1 turntable that was released back in 2021 and comes with a mid-range price tag for spinners aimed at first-timers.  

Both models are still plug-and-play turntables that have wooden chassis and the brand's signature T-line design. And like the T1 range, Pro-Ject is offering variations with stripped-back features. The biggest difference between the two new models – and you can probably guess what is is based on the name – comes down to the phono stage: the T2 Super Phono has one already built-in. 

You can buy the all-new Pro-Ject T2 for $549 in the US and £479 in the UK (about AU$842 in Australia). The T2 Super Phono is a slightly more expensive in comparison, retailing for $649 in the US and £559 in the UK (roughly AU$996 in Australia). This makes the T2 roughly $200 / £220 / AU$420 more expensive than its predecessor – but looking at the long list of improved upgrades Pro-Ject's made to the new T2 models, there's a lot to get excited about, which we'll dig into below.

Pro-Ject T2 and T2 Super Phono: Key specs

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Some of the headline improvements in the T2 range compared to the T1 include upgrading the aluminum tonearms from 8.6 inches to nine inches in both models, upgrading the Ortofon OM 10 cartridges to Sumiko Rainier, making the glass platters heavier (at 1.7kg each) for better damping, and adding in a spring-based anti-skate dial for improved accuracy.

The T2 and T2 Super Phono use the same drive system that the original T1 had, which is a belt system that's driven by a precision-speed AC motor. They also come with an electronic speed switching between 33 and 45 RPM. 

Both decks also stay true to the iconic plastic-free design that Pro-Ject first developed with the T1 – although have slightly larger chassis for better stability – with the wooden plinths coming in the same three colors that the original did. These are a high-gloss black, satin white, and a stylish walnut. They also come with a dust cover, felt mat and semi-symmetrical phono cable for hooking up to your hi-fi system, or one of the best wireless speakers or best stereo speakers with active circuitry and the right inputs.

Both the new models are due to arrive in April 2024, though Pro-Ject didn't provide a more specific date.

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