A cheap turntable with Audio Technica parts and Bluetooth for the price of a record? It’s real

Majority Moto
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Fancy a turntable with Audio Technica components and a price tag that's much cheaper than you'd expect to pay for even a budget vinyl player? Then Majority may have just the thing for you. The UK firm's new Moto turntable offers an impressive specification for an impressively low price. 

One of the key selling points here is the inclusion of an Audio Technica cartridge, the AT3600L. Audio Technica have a well deserved reputation for making good cartridges – my turntable's an Audio Technica affair and it's great – and the AT3600L manages the trick of delivering a fun audio experience without costing a lot of money: it comes highly recommended by a lot of turntable blogs, and it's a favourite of budget turntable manufacturers.

But the biggest eye catching feature about Moto is arguably its exceptionally low price of just £79.95, which costs about the same as a couple of popular vinyl records from a well-known artist. That's considerably cheaper than our current pick of the best budget turntable you can buy, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT, which is also a Bluetooth turntable but which is nearly three times the price of the Moto. 

Majority Moto turntable: key features

The Moto plays 33, 45 and unusually 78 rpms (revolutions per minute) too – although I do wonder how many people in the target market for this turntable have a lot of 78s to play, and by "a lot" I mean "any" given that production of 78s largely stopped in around 1959. But it does mean that if you do somehow have a library of really old records you can digitise them easily: the Moto also has a USB output so you can record audio from analogue to digital. 

There's also Bluetooth 5.3 to stream to your Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones. These will almost certainly sound better than the integrated stereo speakers, which sit at the front of the unit just before the platter. Majority hasn't published their full specification but don't expect much volume or bass: that would introduce the very vibrations that features such as the dampened platter and feet are designed to reduce.

The Majority Mojo will be available from Amazon in the UK from March 1. At the time of writing, US and Australia availability and pricing is not yet known but we'll be sure to update this article when we do.  

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