Have you encountered Spotify problems on iOS? You're not alone

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If you’ve been having trouble with the Spotify app on iOS, you’re not the only one. In recent weeks, reports have been flooding Spotify’s official forums stating that the app is crashing and playing up even on the best iPhones.

Despite Sportify apparently acknowledging the problems, there is no news yet of any fix. Spotify says it’s passed the issues over to its bug teams, but for now, you’ll just have to hang tight while a solution is being worked on.

Two iOS issues in particular have been labeled as “under investigation” by Spotify. The first concerns performance issues on iOS. According to Spotify: “We've received reports that iOS users are experiencing technical issues on their devices (running version or higher). The app is crashing or the playback suddenly stops.”

The second highlighted problem surrounds the app’s iOS widget. When a user taps the widget, Spotify says, they might get an error message reading “Can’t open link.” In both cases, users have provided a heap of information on what causes the bugs, what version of iOS they’re running, and more.

‘Crashing for months’

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Experiencing bugs when running some of the best iOS apps like Spotify is never fun, and users in Spotify’s forums have made that very clear. In fact, it seems like some of these problems have been going on for weeks, with no end in sight.

According to forum user EyoS, “Spotify app on my older iPhone has been consistently crashing for about three months … This occurs after a few songs have played. I am planning on switching to a new streaming service if this problem persists.”

They’re not alone. Writing about the “Can’t open link” bug, user SamiG alleged that “I’ve been having this issues for a few days now but just recently I noticed I can no longer listen to music. At first I would simply get the error and ignore it, but now can no longer use the app at all.”

If you’re having problems with the Spotify app on iOS, it’s probably worth bringing the issue up on Spotify’s official forums. The company has acknowledged at least 14 issues across several platforms in the last two months, and with any luck, fixes will start rolling out sooner rather than later.

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