Focal's Aria Evo X floorstanders are already the speakers to beat in 2024

Focal Aira Evo X range on a patio
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Focal has unveiled its new range of speakers at CES 2024; the Aria Evo X range. Dubbed as a ‘refresh’ of Focal’s Aria range, the Aria Evo X lineup consists of five different models with an expected release date of January 2024. We’ve got pricing and model info below.

The five models are as follows; the Aria Evo X N°1, a bookshelf speaker, the Aria Evo X N°2, N°3, N°4, three floorstanding models and the Aria Evo X Center, a center speaker designed for home theater audio. Pricing for the five models is as follows:

  •  Aria Evo X N°1 - $2,398 / £1,299 (around AU$3,576) per pair 
  •  Aria Evo X N°2 - $4,798 / £2,999 (around AU$7,155) per pair 
  •  Aria Evo X N°3 - $5,198 / £3,499 pair (around AU$7,752) per pair
  •  Aria Evo X N°4 - $5,998 / £3,999 (around AU$8,952) per pair 
  •  Aria Evo X Center - $999 / £699 (around AU$1,490) per pair

The Aria Evo X N°1 is a two-way bookshelf speaker with 89db sensitivity, a 6.5-inch bass/mid-range driver and 55Hz - 30 kHz frequency response. The three floorstanders differ in size and power. The Aria Evo X N°2, the smallest of the group, is a three-way speaker that features 2x 6.5-inch bass drivers and 1x 6.5-inch mid-range driver and has 91.5dB sensitivity and 45Hz - 30kHz frequency response. 

The Aria Evo X N°3 is also a three-way speaker but comes with 3x 6.5-inch bass drivers and 1x 6.5-inch mid-range driver, 92dB sensitivity and a frequency response of 39hz - 30kHz.  The final speaker pair, the Aria Evo X N°4, is a three-way speaker designed for the largest rooms and although it has one less bass driver than the Aria Evo X N°3, it comes with 2x 8-inch drivers, likely making it the most bass heavy of the bunch. It has 92.5dB sensitivity and 37Hz - 30kHz. 

Focal’s Aria Evo X range follows in the footsteps of the Focal Aria 900 series, which has been around for a decade. The new Aria Evo X speakers come with a couple of revamped parts and upgrades. The first is the ‘M’ shaped inverted dome TAM tweeter, a successor to the TNF tweeter. Focal says the TAM tweeter will faithfully reproduce treble more accurately, and play higher frequencies up to 30kHz.

If ever a range was ripe for entry to our best stereo speakers guide, it's this. 

Focal Aria Evo X moss green speakers in green living room

(Image credit: Focal)

The next new feature is the TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) technology used in the surround of the mid-range, used to reduce distortion and affect how the surround behaves, which suggests a cleaner sound overall.

The Aria Evo X speakers will also feature Focal’s famous flax cone in their mid-range and bass drivers (the range is a step up from the Vestia series unveiled at CES last year) which Focal says gives the Aria range its ‘very natural sound, free of coloration’. The flax cone is made from French flax fibre that was first unveiled in the Aria range in 2013.

It’s not only internally that the Aria Evo X range differs, but also the exterior. Focal’s Aria range over the past decade has had two finishes, walnut and black, but with the new Aria Evo X range there will be a third finish; a glossy moss green finish.

Focal Aria Evo No 1 with Naim Uniti Atom

(Image credit: Focal)

Opinion: Focal Aria Evo X is already winning in 2024 

Having worked in AV retail, I’m very familiar with the Focal Aria range. One of the most impressive things about them is their natural warm tone. Quite often I found that Focal speakers paired well with various different amps thanks to their ability to reproduce bass, mids and trebles evenly (with maybe a bit more focus on the mid-range). This benefitted genres such as rock and jazz immensely and was one of the reasons they were so popular. 

With the introduction of the TAM tweeter and TMD technology, it suggests Focal is trying to bring even more balance to these speakers, with a focus on higher frequencies which will only benefit the Aria Evo X even more. Also, the new moss green color is stunning and fits with the Aria range perfectly.

Now, they’re not the cheapest speakers on the market, as the bookshelf Aria Evo X N°1 are priced at $2,398 / £1,299 (so around AU$3,576) which is only a little cheaper than Cabasse's Rialto wireless speakers and pricier than the KEF LS50 Wireless II. The floorstanders require deeper pockets than a good chunk of the competition too, but given Focal's track record of stunning designs (see the Frozen-esque Littora, the oysters-and-chocolate Sopra 2 or the Focal Bathys for a starters) they're usually worthy of the fairly steep asking fee – if you have it to spend. 

Yes, it’s early doors to be saying this, but right now Focal are the speaker company winning 2024 with the introduction of its new Aria Evo X range, which will no doubt suit both music lovers and home theater fans. Now I just need to start saving for those moss green towers…

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