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Gear4 WorldTour V2 review

Travel the world with happy USB devices

This package has a range of plugs suited to sockets across the globe

Our Verdict

Useful for world travellers travelling with multiple USB-powered devices.


  • Bargain price
  • iPod charging cable included
  • Works well enough


  • Takes up a fair bit of space

WorldTour is a box full of travel plugs bundled with a USB adaptor and two USB ports that will suck juice from sockets wherever you may roam.

You get four socket adaptors in the box covering the types you will need in the UK, Europe, US and Australia.

Cheap and competent

The set worked fine for us. You slot the adaptors in and out of the USB adaptor to provide a charging platform for up to two USB devices.

An iPod-charging cable comes in the box, in case you left yours on the beach, which is a nice bonus. The only problem that might be a deal-breaker is the amount of space the kit takes up in a bag, which is far more than one of those universal plug adaptors.

The price, as with all Gear4 gadgetry, is bargain basement, but it works as advertised and was happily charging an iPhone and iPod simultaneously during our test.