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Future iPods to get snazzy backlit touchpads?


Given that the phenomenal growth of the iPod has slowed to a crawl, it's about time Apple came up with some new features to wow us all over again. It turns out it's doing exactly that.

For the clickwheels in next-gen iPods could get a massive makeover that will see them sporting backlights with whizzy animated effects and even a touch of, erm, multi-touch to force us yet again to wrest hard-earned cash from our wallets.

The details have emerged in a patent application submitted by Apple.

The obvious place for the new lighting effects - which are presumably LED driven - is in touchpads found on the iPod classic and iPod nano, MacNN says.

Backlit touchpads for Mac laptops too?

Variants could also appear in future Apple laptops like the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Indeed illustrations accompanying Apple's patent application reveal exactly that.