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best Black Friday coffee machine deals 2022
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The whirlwind shopping event that is Black Friday has been and gone for another year, with Cyber Monday a thing of the past right with it, yet luckily some opportunities to save on cuppa creators still remain.

Below, you'll find our pick of the current sales still live, along with advice on where, when and how to bag the best Cyber Monday coffee machine deals. Keep in mind, the prices below are current at time of writing but sales could end at any time, so don't hesitate if you see the right saving for you.

Cyber Monday coffee machine deals: quick links

The best Cyber Monday deals still live in Australia

Best Cyber Monday manual coffee machine deals still live

Breville Dynamic Duo Dual Boiler with Smart Grinder

Breville Dynamic Duo Dual Boiler with Smart Grinder | AU$2,399 AU$1,799 at David Jones (save AU$600)

The Dynamic Duo From Breville is really still the benchmark for at home bean-to-cup manual coffee. It’s undoubtedly more work than your average Nespresso pod machine, but if you’ve got a bit of perseverance and a willingness to learn, then this is one of the biggest steps towards a barista-grade cup you can take. Down to just AU$1,399 at David Jones, at this price point there’s not really anything else that’ll give you the capability to froth milk while getting a genuine nine-bar coffee extraction.

Breville Barista Express (BES870)

Breville Barista Express (BES870) | AU$999 AU$599 at Amazon (save AU$400)

The Barista Express is still the ultimate balance of cafe-level performance in a compact package that will be affordable enough for most people. We did see it coming in a little cheaper on Black Friday, but this Cyber Monday deal at Amazon is still an attractive one. 

Breville Barista Pro Coffee Machine

Breville Barista Pro Coffee Machine | AU$999 AU$899 at Appliance Central (save AU$100)

While it’s hard to deny that frothing milk while extracting a shot is a massive time saver, the thought of spending over a grand on a coffee machine will make many baulk. If you do have to make do with a device with a single boiler, you’ll ideally want it to be the Barista Pro from Breville. While we personally miss the pressure dial found on the cheaper Barista Express, the Barista Pro has all the information you need to make an awesome café level espresso in one neat system. 

Breville Barista Express Impress (BES876)

Breville Barista Express Impress (BES876) | AU$1,199 AU$768 at Amazon (save AU$431)

If you’re just beginning the transition to grinding your own espresso, one of the hardest (but most critical elements) to mastering good coffee making is managing the dose and grind of a shot. The Barista Express Impress offers a contained grinding and tamping solution that doesn't just cut down on mess (like some competitors), but it also helps ensure you’re grinding the correct amount of coffee for a good-quality shot. Cutting down on variables means anyone can master this manual machine. 

Gaggia New Classic Pro

Gaggia New Classic Pro | AU$999 AU$649 at Appliances Online (save AU$350)

If you already have a good grasp on how to make espresso, this super barebones, 15-bar machine from Gaggia is a good choice. The Classic Pro has been a stalwart in the home-espresso scene for years and while it lacks a pressure gauge and the integrated grinder you’ll get on some competitors, it's quite compact and if you’re willing to weigh and time your shots you can get great results. If you don’t have one, you will however need to factor in the cost of a conical burr grinder to get the most out of this machine.

Sunbeam Barista Max Coffee Machine

Sunbeam Barista Max Coffee Machine | AU$649 AU$509 at Appliances Online (save AU$140)

We've never tried this machine ourselves, but Sunbeam do make some really solid conical burr grinders so it has the potential to be a decent machine. With an included grinder and steam wand it will at least be a super compact bean-to-cup option and it's cheaper than similarly specc'ed competitors. It has a 15 bar pump and a 58mm group head so it may even be the next compact espresso machine to beat. We have seen this machine cheaper for Black Friday, even at Appliances Online, so it could mean the discounts are going to be removed soon.

De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio |

De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio | AU$1,349 AU$869 on Amazon (save AU$480)

A decent 41% price drop makes this De'Longhi alternative to the aforementioned Breville models a pretty tempting option. Like all manual machines, you can control the grind, dose and temperature for your perfect brew. Might be your chance to perfect the art of a great cuppa.

Cyber Monday pod and automatic coffee machine deals still live

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Infinissima |

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Infinissima | AU$89 AU$69 at The Good Guys (save AU$20)

Only a AU$20 saving to be had still on this futuristic-looking machine. It uses regular pods to get you an enjoyable cuppa in no time at all and has a 1.2L tank capacity and even features an energy-saving mode that will switch off the machine after five minutes of inactivity.

Breville Creatista Plus Coffee Machine

Breville Creatista Plus Coffee Machine | AU$899 AU$649 at Appliances Online (save AU$250)

If you’re after a coffee that makes itself, then it’s hard to go past the Breville Creatista Plus. This system uses standard Nespresso Pods and comes with a AU$60 coffee credit offer if you buy one before the end of January 2023. A great compact pod machine that can also do milk frothing without requiring a whole other appliance. The black model is the cheapest out of the four colours.

Smeg 50s Style Automatic Coffee Machine

Smeg 50s Style Automatic Coffee Machine | AU$1,349 AU$1,009 at Appliances Online (save AU$340)

We haven’t had the opportunity to test this one, but if you’re looking at a Smeg coffee machine chances are you care more about how it will look in your kitchen than how palatable what it produces is. This one has the added bonus of being fully automatic, so at least if the coffee isn’t great it’s not like you had to put any effort in. This offer comes with a set of four matte black espresso cups and a 1kg bag of Lavazza beans to get you going. 

Cyber Monday coffee grinder deals still live

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro| AU$438.90 AU$279 at Amazon (save AU$159.90)

You can get cheaper conical burr grinders, but the Smart Grinder Pro offers a diverse range of grind settings, single or double shot presets and an adjustable timer that makes it simple to grind coffee for either filter or espresso use. It’s also got a portafilter holder that actually holds the basket, so you can prep other elements while the coffee grinds.

Sunbeam EMO440 GrindFresh Conical Burr Grinder

Sunbeam EMO440 GrindFresh Conical Burr Grinder | AU$119 AU$104 at Amazon (save $15)

This is the most affordable grinder we know of that’s capable of grinding coffee fine enough for good espresso. It’s not perfect: you have to adjust the conical burr with spacers to get it fine enough and you have to hold the portafilter for the entire time, but it does the job for those on a budget.

Tips for buying a coffee machine on Cyber Monday

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1. Look at individual specifications

When buying a coffee machine on Cyber Monday, you'll want to find one that's easy to use with a range of important features built-in. Those might include things such as a a built-in grinder, automatic switch-off setting, and pressure gauge. Other popular features to look for when buying a coffee machine on Cyber Monday are automatic machines with a built-in milk frother and bin for coffee grounds. 

Picking the perfect coffee machine is often a personal shopping experience, as it depends on your budget, style preferences, the type of coffee you want to make, and the features you want your machine to have. Whether it’s an espresso, latte, or cappuccino you’re after, it's a good idea to have a look at their individual specifications to evaluate what coffee machine makes the best latte, for example. 

2. Practicality over big price reductions

Often when you see big price reductions on pod machines such as the Nespresso Vertuo, bear in mind that this machine isn't compatible with pods other than Nespresso's or, until recently, Starbucks’ new Vertuo range. For that reason alone, investing in a ground coffee or bean-to-cup machine might be a better cost-saving option in the long term.

3. Do your research in advance

The best way to make sure you end up with the right type of coffee machine on Cyber Monday is to do your research in advance. We advise reading our best coffee machine guide to narrow down the product you're interested in and the specifications you need. Once you have a good idea of what you’re looking for you can approach the Cyber Monday coffee maker deals with a good understanding of whether the machine you're interested in is worth the money. 

Cyber Monday coffee machine deals: our predictions

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When will the best Black Friday coffee machine sales start in 2022?

Black Friday itself, which falls on November 25 this year, is the day we're most likely to see the biggest and best coffee machine deals. However, some early deals are already going live at selected major retailers right now. 

This year, it's looking online retailers are going to drag their sales out for as long as possible. The cost-of-living crisis has consumers hesitant to spend on things other than essentials, so shoppers gearing up for the holiday season might want to spread out their spending over several weeks, instead of just Black Friday week.

In turn, online retailers appear to be taking advantage and rolling out deals earlier than usual. We'll be updating this guide with the latest offers as and when we find them, so bookmark this page and keep checking back.

What Black Friday coffee machine deals do we expect to see in 2022?

The De'Longhi Dinamica Plus on a table surrounded by food

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Some of the biggest names when it comes to coffee machines are expected to offer discounts. DeLonghi, Breville and Nespresso machines typically see strong price reductions – we're already seeing as much ahead of Black Friday itself – and following the success of last year's sales event, we expect to see machines from Keurig and Lavazza in this year’s Black Friday sale, too. 

There's usually a variety of different machines on offer that cater to a wide range of budgets and coffee-making capabilities. If you prefer the convenience of using coffee pods over ground coffee, you're likely to find a selection of pod machines discounted to a low price each year. 

Bean-to-cup machines with a range of high-tech built-in functions such as a milk frother, grinder and pressure gauge are generally included in the more expensive Black Friday coffee machine offers. Although these coffee machines are usually more expensive, they can save you extra money in the long term because you won't need to purchase additional equipment, such as a milk frother or a separate coffee grinder.

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