The best iPhone X pre-order deals: here's where it's in stock today

Finding the iPhone X in time for the release date is difficult, but we're here to help get you one ASAP.


You can now pre-order the iPhone X in the US, and take advantage of deals from carriers that offer you a sizable discount on trading in your old phone, usually up to $300 or $350 off.

Finding the best iPhone X price and the soonest shipping times all depends on where you shop. The Apple Store is very popular from launch day until Black Friday, so we suggest to buy it through carriers, too.

Below, check the the iPhone X inventory at Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in the US, now that we're almost to the official release date.

Don't pay the full iPhone X price

The bad news is that the iPhone X costs more money than any of us want to pay. The good news is that there are iPhone X deals to be had, even on launch day.

It costs $999, and that's just the entry-level iPhone X at 64GB. The 256GB model that everyone wants is $150 on top of that price. But don't pay full price.

Given Apple's price increase, it's important that you know how you can get the best discount today, or simply find the iPhone X in stock. Let's explain.

The best iPhone X deals are from US carriers

iPhone X Verizon pre-order deal
You will pay anywhere from $29.16 to $41.66 for the iPhone X 64GB through the Verizon store. The lower price can be had through a trade-in of a recent phone, with the top offers maxing out at $300 spread over 24 months on your bill.  64GB Verizon iPhone X deal | 256GB Verizon iPhone X deal

iPhone X AT&T pre-order deal
You can pay less per month through AT&T, down to $33.34 (and that's before any trade-in) because the carrier has 30-month plans instead of 24 month commitments. With a phone trade-in, it can be as low as $23.34. That's a good deal. 64GB AT&T iPhone X deal | 256GB AT&T iPhone X deal

iPhone X T-Mobile pre-order deal
America's self-proclaimed "Uncarrier" is selling the iPhone X for as low as $17.50 a month for 24 months – if you pony up a downpayment of $279.99 first and max out the $300 trade-in credit. The good news? It accepts phones as old as iPhone 6. 64GB T-Mobile iPhone X deal | 256GB T-Mobile iPhone X deal

iPhone X Sprint pre-order deal
Instead of paying Sprint's $41.67 monthly fee for an iPhone X, you could pay $22.22 a month thanks to the fourth-place US carrier's desperate move: a $350 trade-in credit for your phone and shorter 18-month contracts. 64GB Sprint iPhone X deal | 256GB Sprint iPhone X deal


Wait, when was the iPhone X pre-order?

The first minute the iPhone X was 12:01am PST and 3:01am EST last Friday, though it took a few minutes for the official Apple Store servers to warm up. That, of course, sent everyone into a panic.

What could you have done you do to improve your chances? Our last-minute tips included ordering it for in-store pick-up if you have a nearby Apple Store (we did just that) and to check the US carrier websites at the links above.

Those are still valid iPhone X tips if you don't have one yet.

Why is there an iPhone X price increase?

So, what's the deal with this price increase? The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which sports a nearly bezel-less OLED display like the iPhone X, costs $930.

Apple's iPhone X tops this, especially because it's reportedly using Samsung's OLED screen technology. Its chief rival won't give it any deals. And so, the iPhone X costs $999.

If you opt to pay in installments through a carrier, your price may differ. Typically AT&T offers contracts that can be extended to 30 months for a slightly smaller monthly price. T-Mobile may ask for money upfront, then give you the appearance smaller monthly payments that way. Verizon is our go to for natural pricing, split evenly over 24 months. However, Apple shows prices at $49 a month for all four major carriers.

You can save money by looking into becoming a new customer on launch day. All carriers are currently running promotions, promising around $300 for new sign-ups, or avoid paying Early Termination Fees with your current network.

The best money-saving plans: Verizon plans | T-Mobile plans | AT&T plans | Sprint plans

Should you get AppleCare+ with the iPhone X?

The iPhone X doesn't automatically come with AppleCare+, but you may want it for this delicate, glass backed all-screen iPhone. It is, after all $999.

AppleCare+ is $199 for the iPhone X, which is more than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone Upgrade Program automatically includes it, so Apple is serving up the ultimate package.

Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile are also offering their own protection plans with the iPhone, so be sure to shop around at the links above. Some even offer theft protection on top of the normal iPhone X screen damage replacement services.

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