Apple's iWatch may not be the only wearable sporting sapphire glass. Motorola's new wearable, the Moto 360, could also be getting the premium scratch-resistant material.

Unnamed sources speaking with G for Games says that Moto 360 could employ a sapphire glass face. Thus far, only Apple has shown any visible interest in cutting precious jewels into screens for future products like the iPhone 6 and iWatch.

That's not all. Motorola's wearable could also include an OLED display. Unlike a traditional LED screen, organic diodes use virtually no energy to display blacks, making them deeper and potentially improving battery life significantly.

The Moto 360 made a big impression as one of the best looking smartwatch yet. Adding in premium material such as sapphire glass and OLED would put the Moto 360 in a league of its own.

Inducting wireless charging

The same source also reconfirmed the smartwatch could feature induction wireless charging. Wireless charging capability has been seen on a multitude of Android devices including the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, but this would be a first for a wearable gadget.

As we noted from a previous panel on wearable tech, one of the first hurdles for new users is actually remembering to charge the device. The ability to simply set your watch on a charging stand could be the most sensible solution yet.