Jobs: 'No plans' to ditch iPod Classic

Six-month-old stay of execution

Steve Jobs has responded to speculation that Apple is set to do away with the iPod Classic in a short email which states that there are 'no plans to' kill it.

One iPod Classic fan emailed the illustrious CEO after the last "all-new" iPod line-up included refreshes of every iPod but the Classic.

Back in September, the anonymous fan wrote, "Hello, I've heard a LOT of speculation that Apple is looking to kill the iPod Classic because it wasn't updated on Sept 1st, and that a lot of people would rather Touch. The iPod Classic is probably the best iPod in the line. PLEASE DON'T KILL IT!!!"

Much love for the Classic

Steve Jobs, never one to beat around the bush, simply replied, "We have no plans to."

Of course, this email, which MacRumours is convinced is legit, is now six months old and Apple may well have had a change of heart; the iPod Classic's future may yet hang in the balance.

With the company's tradition for announcing iPod refreshes in September, we have got a bit of a wait before we find out for sure.

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