Cheap iPad deals launching 3 December

Orange and T-Mobile preparing customers for release

Orange and T-Mobile will begin selling subsidised iPads from 3 December as they bid to cash in on the Christmas rush.

Select Orange customers started receiving emails last night offering them the chance to order their new iPad for £199 on a two year deal, with delivery coming on Friday.

Alternatively, they could go and pick it up in store on the Friday having pre-ordered and apparently there will be limited stock for all others looking to get their hands on the new deals.

An iPad is for life – well, two years

We've checked out T-Mobile's site as well, and it appears the same situation is happening for the pink network: going to the 'Buy an iPad' section yields an option to buy it now, but "allow up to two days for delivery".

So if you're after an Apple tablet but don't want to fork out hundreds of pounds up front, then best get camping outside an Orange shop soon – we reckon these will be snapped up pretty quickly.

Thanks to Tom for the tip!



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