The best iPad mini deals in May 2023

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Apple's small-scale tablet is surprisingly expensive given its size but it's still a powerful little device. The good news is that there's regularly a small discount at most retailers – and we've gathered up all the best iPad mini deals available today so you can be sure you're paying the lowest price possible.

To put the current offers in perspective, the starting price of the most recent iPad mini is $499 / £569 / AU$829. That's gone up considerably from the original launch price in the UK and Australia after a recent price hike. However, we've seen it discounted by as much as $100 in the US and there's also been a whopping £130 price cut in the UK.

In terms of specs, this latest iPad mini sports an 8.3-inch screen, 12MP front and back cameras, and the new A15 Bionic chip that gives the tablet a massive performance upgrade. Effectively, it's more in line with what you would expect from an iPad Air, albeit in a much smaller form factor.

And now that the previous 2019 iPad mini is effectively discontinued, the 2021 version is generally the only one available today. The last-generation model isn't considerably cheaper when it's in stock, either, so we'd recommend buying the newer version anyway. It offers a huge performance upgrade for only a slightly higher price.

Of course, there are other tablet deals out there on cheaper and small slates if you need something for more basic or lighter use. However, with Apple's excellent OS and Retina display on this tablet, it's certainly in its own class. 

So, here are all the best iPad Mini prices available right now. Check out our best iPad guide for a comparison of all Apple devices or our more comprehensive iPad deals page for the cheapest prices available today on all models, too.

iPad mini deals

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iPad mini (2021)

A smaller device that's just as powerful as the iPad Air

Weight: 295g | Dimensions: 195 x 135 x 6mm | Screen size: 8.3-inch | Resolution: 2266 x 1488 pixels | CPU: A15 | Storage: 64/256GB | Battery: 10 hours | Rear camera: 12MP | Front camera: 12MP Ultra Wide

Fast A15 Bionic chip
Improved 12MP camera
Recent price hike in some regions

The 2021 iPad mini is the most recent model of the small-form Apple tablet. When looking at pure improvements over the 2019 version, the numbers really speak for themselves. Enough that we said it's the best small tablet money can buy in our iPad mini (2021) review.

Not only is the display slightly larger at 8.3 inches but, thanks to the A15 Bionic chip, you'll see a 40% CPU and 80% GPU performance upgrade too. The front and rear cameras have been massively improved up to 12MP, while the new tablet supports Touch ID and sports a USB-C port.

Many consider it to be in line with the iPad Air but in a smaller form factor. Of course, all those upgrades come at a price. The 2021 iPad mini is priced at $499 / £569 / AU$829, so it's clearly an expensive bit of kit. We've spotted a few deals with a $100 / £130 discount, so anything around $399 / £459 or less is a good price.

What about the iPad mini 2019?

The 2019 iPad mini has now been discontinued, so stock of this model is generally hard to find. It makes sense given the device is around four years old.

It does have a cheaper starting price of $399 / £399 / AU$599, which makes it cheaper than the newer model, but it is so rarely available that it's hard to recommend it.

Plus, the 2021 iPad mini is so much more powerful that it makes sense to pay the extra to get a superior device, especially when it can be the same price (or only slightly more expensive) when on sale.

The only time we'd suggest you go for the older iPad mini is if it is available for significantly less than the 2021 model, but those offers are likely rare nowadays given there is so little stock available.

Is the iPad Mini worth buying?

If you like the idea of a tablet that's as powerful as an iPad Air but in a much smaller form factor then the iPad mini is a good buy. The latest version comes with significant performance upgrades that bring it in line with those more expensive iPad models but in a much more portable size. 

The iPad mini is a good choice for enthusiasts who want a bit more power in their tablet but don't want to fork out for the iPad Air or iPad Pro.

For those who need a tablet for general use but want to stick with the Apple ecosystem, you're likely better off with the standard iPad 10.2 or more recent iPad 10.9. As well as a slightly larger display, it's also around $150 / £150 cheaper than the iPad mini, making it a much better value-for-money option.

When are the best iPad Mini deals available?

There are usually a handful of iPad Mini deals available at any one time throughout the year. These tend to be small, though, with anywhere between $50 - $100 / £30 - £80 off the standard price of the tablet.

However, there are regularly more significant discounts during bigger sales periods. With that in mind, you'll want to keep an eye out for savings during these major events such as Amazon Prime Day, September's Back To School sales, Black Friday in November and Cyber Monday in December.

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