iPod in your t-Shirt

It's the convergence we've all been waiting for

For so long people have struggled with wires. Over the shirt, dangling about and making you look like a loon? Under the clothes, tickling your belly?

Well, the problem has now been solved by an Italian t-shirt manufacturer. With a small pocket for your iPod, and stereo headphones built into the collar.

The t-shirt that has it all

You know those little remotes you can get that clip to the little pocket in your jeans? Well, no longer will you have to reach ALL THE WAY down to your belt, as you can clip them to a small button hole at the top of the T-shirt!

But what about washing them? Well, you can remove all the electronic bits and pieces, and wash them like any normal garment! Now that’s forward thinking.

Available from Music and Sons, the shirts come in a variety of colours and sizes for men and women, and cost around €40 (£30).



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