Internet stars unite for HBO web comedy

lonelygirl15, sxePhil and KevJumba all in one place!

HBOLab, the web-based offshoot of HBO, has announced it is to create a new comedy featuring some of the most well-known internet sensations.

The show will be a 10-episode scripted comedy, titled Hooking Up. Even though, Hooking Up will have its own website,, you will also be able to watch it on MySpace and the video-sharing site that made most of the show's stars (web) famous, YouTube.

Premieres 1 October

The show is set to premiere 1 October, and will feature the likes of lonelygirl15 – star of the popular but fake web diary of the same name – sxePhil, whose irreverent comments on the world have made him one of the most famous YouTubers, and KevJumba, YouTube's most subscribed-to comedian.

Plot-wise, Hooking Up centres round the group of web wonders who enroll in a university where (mis)communication is done purely on the web, through IM, emailing and the like.

While there's room here for a look at how the internet has changed the way we interact with each other, somehow we think the show isn't going to be a Douglas Coupland-swipe at the Google age; instead aimed at the same folks that made its characters stars in the first place.


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