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You can pick up Dishonored 2 for under £30 this Black Friday

It’s not often you see brand new games with significant discounts so don’t let the price cuts on Dishonored 2 slip past you this Black Friday.

The game was only released two weeks ago, but already Amazon, Game, and Tesco are offering it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems for just £29.99. This is even cheaper than some retailers are offering the game pre-owned.

It’s not that the game has been received badly, either. Dishonored 2 is proving to be a critically acclaimed sequel to a highly rated first game, so being able to pick it up at a discount is an opportunity worth jumping on. 

You can read our full review of Dishonored 2 right here, where Steve Boxer awarded it a Play It Now rating, calling it an “entertaining, absorbing slab of stealth-action, full of atmosphere and character, for those who prefer games with a bit of wit and intelligence.”