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Philips HMP2000 media streamer offers instant Netflix

Philips HMP2000 media streamer offers instant Netflix
Netflix at the ready

The newly launched Philips HMP2000 is a dinky media streamer that adds internet connectivity to any television.

You can kick back and stream YouTube, Netflix (which allows you to catch up on TV from the BBC and Channel 4, although there is no dedicated 4OD or iPlayer widget) using the HMP2000.

Bad news for Lovefilm subscribers, the HMP2000 does not offer any access to Amazon's streaming service, and there's no web browser either.

Taking on the Roku, which launched in a similarly tiny fashion earlier this month, the HMP2000 has two features that set it apart: a dedicated Netflix button and a dedicated YouTube button on the remote.

These insta-buttons are welcome additions. We're often finding ourselves in urgent need of a Netflix fix: when lives are on the line there is just no time to be navigating through menus.

Random convenience aside, the HMP2000 offers 1080p HDMI output, built-in Wi-Fi and a tiny footprint.

Hitting the shops imminently, the Philips HMP2000 UK pricing is set at around £49.99.