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Philips announces its first ever Quantum Dot TV at IFA 2017

During IFA 2017 Philips unveiled its first even Quantum Dot TV, following hot on the heels of the company’s entry into the OLED segment last year. 

The Philips 8602 comes in 55 and 65-inch versions, and features the company’s Ambilight technology, which projects colors onto the wall behind it.

Additionally, the set features an integrated soundbar. 

Taking the fight to OLED

Quantum Dot has emerged in recent years as a competitor to OLED. Whereas OLED is capable of much deeper blacks than conventional LCD TVs, Quantum Dot is capable of going much brighter. 

So far only Samsung has embraced Quantum Dot techonolgy, making Philips the second company to do so. 

But this doesn't mean the company is moving away from OLED. Indeed, Philips announced a new flagship OLED TV which will join its 9 Series. This also means Philips is the only brand that supports both OLED and Quantum Dot simultaneously. 

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on the Philips 8602 to see if Philips’ own P5 processing engine is able to give it the edge over the existing Samsung sets. 

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