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Orange: Broadband dongle sales up 500%

Offline anxiety assuaged by dongles
Offline anxiety assuaged by dongles

Orange has revealed that there has been a massive 500 per cent in people buying mobile broadband dongles – as people grow increasingly used to being online all of the time.

The rise of dongles has been fuelled largely by the arrival of low cost plans for people to access the 3G networks.

Orange says that it now has 3.8 million customers with either a broadband dongle or 3G enabled mobile phone, which probably explains a 108 per cent rise in the amount of data downloaded to mobile devices.

Search, video and social networks

The ways in which people use the web from mobile devices are also included in Orange's research, with search engine activity up by 120 per cent and a 38 per cent rise in video downloads.

Plus, as you may expect, social networking has been given a huge boost by the proliferation of mobile internet.

"There has been an unprecedented upsurge in the number of customers accessing social-networking sites via their mobile phones, with unique users increasing by 50 per cent since the last report," claims Mark Watts-Jones, head of product management at Orange