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Philips Smart TV service announced

Philips Smart TV
Philips Smart TV

Philips has shown off its new connected television service in Barcelona, with Philips Smart TV turning your set into 'superconnected media portals'.

Philips Smart TV is being rolled out with the news 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000 and Cinema 21:9 Platinum and Gold Series televisions is being billed as a service that can "hook you up with online content; stream music, photos and videos from your tablet, smart phone or laptop; and store programs and movies on your hard drive on demand."

Connected TV is becoming a must-have feature on new television sets, and Philips was keen to join its rivals in offering a tailored service for its sets.


The service includes SimplyShare – to link your computers, phones and other assorted gadgets to the television and play files, Multiview, so you can watch a TV program and keep up with sports scores via Net TV and the ability to use special smartphone apps (iOS or Android) to act as a remote.

The Net TV service brings television programs, games and movies on demand with services from Videoland, VideoFutur, Film2Home, iConcerts and Cartoon Network.

There will also be Catch-up television services – although nothing from the major UK broadcasters at the present time.

Also on offer is a EPG, picture-in-picture viewing, smart USB recording and various apps, including Twitter and, soon, Facebook.