New Superman movie video leak teases Mr. Terrific encounter with the Man of Steel's most loyal friend

Mr. Terrific actor Edi Gathegi jumps in the air during filming for James Gunn's Superman film in Cleveland, Ohio
Jumping for joy over this cameo appearance, Mr. Terrific? (Image credit: John Kuntz/

Potential spoilers follow for 2025's Superman film.

A new video leak from the set of James Gunn's Superman movie has seemingly confirmed that Krypto the Superdog will make a crowd-pleasing appearance in the film.

Just days after fans were given a better look at the Man of Steel's costume and first images of fellow hero Mr. Terrific, more details have emerged about the forthcoming DC film as filming continues in Cleveland, Ohio. 

This time, a secretly shot video, which was posted on's X/Twitter account, shows Edi Gathegi's Mr. Terrific finding Krypto, Superman's loyal canine companion, and attempting to teach the Kryptonian dog to fly.

The footage initially shows Mr. Terrific running down a street with what appears to be a tracking device in his hands, which leads him to a pet store – one amusingly called Pet It Be – whose center window has been smashed by an escaped animal. The video then jumps to Mr. Terrific slowly approaching said escapee (well, the empty space where a CGI-d Krypto will eventually sit in the final product) to try and not spook him.

The final piece of footage seems to show Mr. Terrific, with dog treats in hand, attempting to coax Krypto to fly. Indeed, we see one of Superman's fellow heroes – real name Michael Holt – laterally jumping as he animatedly tries to get Krypto to leap into the air and fly. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Mr. Terrific is succeeding in his endeavor, with the tech-based superhero seen letting out a frustrated scream before the video ends.

With principal photography on Gunn's Superman flick, the first DC Cinematic (DCU) movie that'll take flight in theaters in July 2025, set to continue over the next few weeks, we'll likely see more footage and images leak before filming wraps. 

Superman's first-look image has already teased one of its potential villains, while another leak from confirmed that Frank Grillo's Rick Flag Sr, who'll make his DCU debut in DCU Chapter One animated series Creature Commandos on Max this December, will surprisingly show up in Superman. Based on the latest batch of leaked images, fans are also speculating that Ultraman, an alternate universe version of the Man of Steel, will appear as a secondary antagonist.

Who is Krypto the Superdog?

Krypto the Superdog smirks as he hovers in the air in DC League of Super-Pets

Krypto the Superdog was last seen in DC League of Super-Pets, an animated kids film that was released in 2022. (Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

The loyal pet of Superman, Krypto the Superdog is, much like Kal-El and his super-powered cousin Kara Zor-El, one of the few surviving beings from the doomed planet of Krypton. 

Making his first appearance in Adventure Comics #210 in March 1955, Krypto was originally seen as the faithful companion of Superboy. Initially, he was Kal-El's protector when Superman was a toddler, but was soon used as a test subject (by Kal-El's father, no less) for a rocket prototype that would eventually send Kal-El to Earth. After being knocked off course during its space test flight, Krypto's rocket crash lands on Earth years after it was supposed to, eventually leading to a long-overdue reunion between him and Superman (then known as Superboy).

Like other Kryptonians, Krypto possesses superhuman abilities that are activated by the solar radiation from our star system's yellow sun. His powers are proportionate to his size and species, however, so don't expect him to be able to take a human supervillain on his own.

If (or, rather, when) Krypto makes his debut on 2025's Superman, it'll likely be a cameo or small supporting role. He'll have a bigger role to play in another DCU movie – Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, which stars House of the Dragon alumnus Milly Alcock as Zor-El. 

Supergirl's first big-screen adventure in over 40 years will fly into theaters on June 26, 2026, almost one year after Gunn's Superman film is released. In November 2023, Ana Nogeuira was revealed as its writer in a big Supergirl update that not only confirmed Gunn was learning from the DCEU's mistakes, but also that Krypto will play a major supporting role as part of its plot. We'll get to see the lovable pup in at least one other DCU project, then, after Superman arrives in theaters.

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