The camera on the INQ Mini 3G is a basic effort, with a 2MP sensor that can be scaled down to 1.2MP, VGA and MMS quality.

There's also no flash mode, so night mode is the only option when the lights go down, but then again we're sure nobody expects to be the next hot-shot photographer with the Mini 3G.

Taking pictures is fairly quick, with not a huge amount of shutter lag. However after each picture is taken there's about a seven-second delay before you can take another as the Mini 3G wants to show you the picture you've just snapped.

INQ mini 3g

Admittedly there are some nice options from there, such as uploading to Facebook, or separately via email, Bluetooth or MMS.

Video recording is also present on the Mini 3G, allowing you to take movies in both high and low resolution.

INQ mini 3g

And in both camera and video mode, pressing right and left will change the white balance of the photo, which was an unexpected bonus and actually does go some way to changing the quality of your photos and videos.

As we said, photography on the phone isn't going to change your world, but the amount of options make it a decent addition to the Mini 3G.