The HTC Sensation XE can capture full HD 1080p video, which will be welcome news to any budding film maker.

HTC sensation xe ice cream sandwich review

You can access the video recording feature by either going through the camera app and selecting video mode, or by selecting the camcorder app from the app drawer.

Resolution is set to a default qHD (960 x 540) resolution, so you will need to go into the quality menu if you want to record in 720p or 1080p. Oh, and the HTC Sensation XE will also let you shoot in slow motion - pretty cool.

HTC sensation xe ice cream sandwich review

Like the camera app, the video recorder is simply laid out and you will find all your tools in the same place on the screen.

HTC sensation xe ice cream sandwich review

In the settings menu you can tweak the finer details such as exposure, contrast, saturation and white balance. You can use the dual LED flash as a light and we were happy to find that it could be turned on and off while recording – a feature which many phones annoyingly lack.

We were also able to use the zoom function while capturing video and the Sensation XE will allow you to tap to focus on certain objects while videoing.

Take a look at our qHD video sample below, recorded on the HTC Sensation XE. The zoom is demoed in the first outdoor clip and the ability to turn the LED light on and off during filming is shown in the football clip half way through.