As will all Android phones the HTC Sensation XE comes with Google's excellent mapping facility.

HTC sensation xe ice cream sandwich review

There is nothing new to report functionality wise, but the app has been given an Ice Cream Sandwich re-style with simpler, clearer options and better integration with Google's Latitude service.

The real bonus is Google also provides a free turn-by-turn navigation app, so you will never lose your way again.

Thanks to the nippy dual-core processor maps loaded quickly and we were able to smoothly zoom in close, open up street view and plan epic road trips without a fuss.

The GPS located our position in just a few seconds and was then able to keep track of us, even when hurtling along in a train.

HTC bundles its Locations app with the Sensation XE which lets you download maps onto the phone or microSD storage, meaning you can access the maps when you don't have a data connection. This is really useful if you're a fan of rural walks or have a knack of getting lost deep in the valleys.


HTC sensation xe ice cream sandwich review

HTC has been kind enough to pre-install a few apps on the Sensation XE and we found the simple yet effective Flashlight app to be very useful. As you can probably guess when you open the app you can turn the rear LEDs on/off, which is great for finding the candles and matches during a power cut.

HTC sensation xe ice cream sandwich review

Another little app HTC has included is Mirror, which uses the front facing camera to provide a virtual reflection on the screen – great for touching up makeup or picking lunch out of your teeth.

HTC sensation xe ice cream sandwich review

You will also find the HTC Hub app which is basically a pared down version of Google Play (Android Market). This seems like unnecessary bloatware to us, as Google Play can offer you everything you need in terms of apps, games and widgets.

HTC sensation xe ice cream sandwich review

Other apps found on the Sensation XE include a Kobo powered ereader app which comes with eight free books, Polaris Office for when you need to do some basic word document or spreadsheet work and SoundHound (a Shazam rival) which will tell you want that funky tune playing on the Asda tannoy system is.