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RawShooter Premium 2006 review

Go on! Go native and get the best out of your snapper

Lighting controls are especially versatile, with separate adjustments for overall exposure

Our Verdict

A snip at the price, this fully-fledged RAW imaging program for Windows offers an excellent degree of versatility and image quality. In short, RawShooter Premium gives you up-market, professional standard tools with a consumer price tag


  • Sheer brilliance


  • Slightly pricey

Shoot in JPEG mode and in-camera compression can crush the life out of your shots. But many of us are put off from shooting in native RAW mode because it usually means having to buy expensive software to read and convert the RAW files at the computer stage. RawShooter Premium comes to the rescue with support for a wide range of cameras, an even wider range of high-end features, and a bargain price tag.

Thanks to the power of RawShooter Premium, you can forget about fiddling with many of your camera settings at the shooting stage. For example, you can apply exposure compensation and adjust the white balance, hue, saturation, the degree of sharpening and more besides, previewing the effects live on screen as you make changes. Going further still, the software enables you to make adjustments to curves and levels, alter the dynamic range, retrieve details that are lost in

highlights or lowlights and suppress image noise. There are plenty of other tricks on offer as well. Crucially, changes you make are 'non-destructive', as all alterations are stored separately to the RAW image file itself.

You can also export photos singly or in batches to TIFF (8-bit or 16-bit) or JPEG format, complete with embedded ICC colour profiles, while future-proofing is taken care of by software updates which are available online to keep abreast of new camera launches. Matthew Richards