BetterSnapTool 1.2.3 review

Organising windows on OS X needn't be a chore

BetterSnapTool 1.2.3
BetterSnapTool combines options from rival window management apps to bring you more

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    Mouse or keyboard shortcuts

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    Appearance customisation

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    App exclusion option


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    Window restore is like an undo

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Window management, in terms of on-screen placement, is one of the Mac's weakest areas, and while OS X Lion's full-screen mode will be fine for focussing on a single task, Windows 7 does a lot better when it comes to multiple applications.

BetterSnapTool is yet another app that brings Windows Snap-like features to the Mac, but it warrants a look simply due to living up to its name – in other words, this really is a better snap tool.

Preferences enable mouse and keyboard settings to be activated or deactivated. On the second of those, you can define shortcuts for maximising a window or sending it to a half, quarter or third of the screen. You can also fire a window to another screen on a multiple-monitor setup.

Further customisation options exist for amending the appearance of the preview overlay when using the mouse to snap windows, delay settings and click actions on window buttons and the window's title bar. For example, you can right-click the zoom button to maximise a window and double-click the title bar to show the actions menu.

Options also exist to move or resize windows below the cursor when a modifier's held. The lack of gesture support is a pity and the app's restore is more like an undo.

But with its healthy spree of options and unusually low price, BetterSnapTool's now our favourite app of this type on the Mac.

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