AppZapper 2.0.1 review

The original OS X uninstaller gets a revamp, but is it warranted?

AppZapper 2.0.1
Navigate apps, widgets, plug-ins and preferences with AppZapper

TechRadar Verdict

Executed with real style. Worth the money, despite similar free apps


  • +

    Completely uninstalls apps

  • +

    Useful serial manager

  • +

    Free to upgrade from Version 1.x


  • -

    Free apps do a similar job

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Deleting an application by dragging it into the Trash leaves behind files such as preference and support data, but AppZapper deletes the app and all its associated files at the push of a button.

It's hardly essential (the files left behind are generally small and inconsequential), but if you try out a lot of software, it's good to completely remove the ones you decide not to keep.

But is AppZapper 2.0 worth the £8 when programs such as AppDelete and AppTrap do a similar job for free?

AppZapper 2.0 offers a more streamlined interface. Drag-and-drop deletion is augmented by a browser showing your apps, widgets, plug-ins and user-added System Preferences panes, all of which can be removed using AppZapper.

You can add restrictions to this browser, displaying only programs over a certain size and listing according to name or when it was last used. You can erase several apps at once, and configure your deletions so you keep certain files, which is useful for deleting corrupt preferences while retaining the application.


A new feature called My Apps holds licence and registration information on card icons. You can store an app's URL too.

Graphical excellence comes at the price of compatibility; it's now Snow Leopard-only.

Is AppZapper 2.0 worth the price? We think so. There are free apps that do a similar job, but not with the same finesse – and storing your licence codes in one place is a bonus.

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