Best antivirus software for Mac of 2024

Find the best Mac antivirus for you. Even your Mac needs an anti-virus software for protection.
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It's a common misconception that Apple products are completely immune to viruses and, as a result, there's no point in getting antivirus for your Mac and MacBook. That isn't exactly true, however.

Think about how many people own a Mac or MacBook—the sheer volume of users is an irresistible target to hackers and cybercriminals. MacOS is Unix-based, which is sandboxed, so it can be challenging for viruses to do any real damage, but malicious programs targeting Macs and MacBook Pros have become increasingly common and even more potent.

Additionally, malicious web-based injections aim to attack flaws not in macOS itself but in the software running on it. These attacks especially target browser exploits, such as vulnerabilities in JavaScript. 

You'll need Mac-specific antivirus software designed to work with the unique demands of macOS to protect your device. After all, Apple products aren't cheap, and you won't want your pricey device crippled by a cyberattack. Heck, even one of the best free antivirus options is better than nothing.

The TechRadar team has tested many of the best antivirus apps on the market to figure out which ones you can trust. In this guide, I'll walk you through the best Mac antivirus software specifically designed to protect Apple systems—though you might want to check out the best Mac VPNs, too.

Bitdefender is today's #1 best Mac antivirus

Bitdefender is today's #1 best Mac antivirus
Bitdefender is my gold standard when it comes to malware spotting, blocking, and clearing—and it's nice and easy to use, even for beginners.

The premium provider comes with a lot of handy extras, too, like ransomware protection, anti-phishing, and super secure web browser protection.

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The best Mac antivirus in 2024

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