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Mr Site Takeaway Website Beginner review

An entry-level website creator with basic features and a year's hosting package

If you want to build a website but don't know how, Mr Site Takeaway Website Beginner is for you

Our Verdict

Great solution to build and host a website for non-coders. Well worth a try!


  • Very easy to operate
  • Instantly ready for accepting payments
  • A very cheap solution


  • You need to pay to migrate your URL away
  • You're limited to its templates
  • Browser-based, not standalone app

Takeaway Website Beginner joins Mr Site's Standard and Pro packages as its new entry-level offering.

It uses the same back-end tools and templates that all of Mr Site's websites are built with, except with a lower price and thinner feature-set to match.

We know some among you are professional web designers, but we also know that many of you don't know your HTML from your elbow, so this one should appeal to you.

Comprehensive package

With Takeaway Website Beginner you get five web pages, five email addresses, 75MB of web space and 2GB bandwidth, which is fine to kick things off.

Each box gives you a serial key to log into Mr Site's website, through which all the building is done. Just choosing from a checklist of templates, colours and features builds the site, and you get to choose you own web address.

You can re-enter and change things around at a later stage and wait as long as you like before you publish the site. Where Mr Site does well is the pre-coded elements that you can drop into your websites to make them appear more weighty.

Customise your site

You can add elements like image galleries, shopping carts, a blog, photo gallery (with watermarking), PayPal payment buttons, music players and contact forms. Mr Site does all the coding for you – you just select the elements you want.

You can customise the appearance of the site by adding your own photos and graphics into the templates, and even the backgrounds.

The package includes all hosting costs for a year and you can migrate your site away from Mr Site for a small charge.

We struggle to think of an easier way of building a website, but it doesn't offer the flexibility of programs like iWeb and RapidWeaver.