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Apimac Slideshow 9.6 review

Is this slideshow creation software a waste on the Mac with rivals such as iPhoto?

Apimac Slideshow 9.6
Apimac Slideshow enables you to rapidly create slideshows from images and movies


  • Supports many formats
  • Simple to work with


  • Standalone player issues
  • Lacks iPhoto's polish

When you wonder what the point is for a particular app's existence, it's not a good start. But that's what happened when Apimac Slideshow landed on our Macs.

With iPhoto able to churn out slideshows — from basic efforts to highly animated affairs — Apimac's product needed to shine to justify its existence.

It tries to do so primarily by offering support for a ton of formats — because it certainly doesn't do a great deal more.

Creating slideshows is at least simple — you drop images and movie files on to a list (or grab them from iPhoto using the Media Browser window) and drag to rearrange them. Selecting an item enables you to preview it and add a note.

Customisation options are basic: background colours and images; toggling looping and cross-fading; setting image sizes; and defining 'closed captions' (various types of image info or your notes).

The main draw is the product's share options, which along with eight QuickTime settings include outputting to Flash video, stand-alone Mac or Windows players, or an iDVD project. Exporting is typically fast and reliable.

Overall, Apimac Slideshow isn't bad, but it doesn't offer enough to justify splashing out; unless you hate iPhoto or demand output formats other than QuickTime, forget about it.

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