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New Nintendo 2DS XL review

3D is out, 2D is in

With the New 2DS XL, Nintendo has provided gamers with the perfect entry point for those who want to play the incredible library of 3DS titles without having to pay extra for gimmicky 3D functionality that doesn't really add anything of note to the gameplay experience. That they get to do this on a classic clamshell device rather than the odd wedge-shaped original 2DS is just the icing on the cake. 

We liked

The New 2DS XL has a great new design that feels premium, and we love that Nintendo has squeezed XL-sized screens on such a sleek device. It's also great to have a proper clamshell 2DS system that keeps the price affordable.

A huge library of classic 3DS and backwards compatible titles, along with more great titles still to come, means that the New Nintendo DS XL is destined to keep players entertained for years to come. 

We disliked

We appreciate the device's large screens, however, the New 2DS XL's 240p screen is really starting to look rather ancient. When you can clearly tell apart individual pixels on your screen, even from a slight distance, it really makes this 'New' device feel a bit old. 

The device's protruding hinge also means it doesn't feel quite as nice to hold in the closed position, and the top screen can also feel a little wobbly while open. 

Final verdict

Now that Nintendo has an affordable clamshell version of its 2DS, one that includes all of the internal upgrades that came with the New 3DS, the company has the perfect entry-level handheld for playing its staggeringly-great library of 3DS games. Its low resolution screen might be incredibly dated in 2017, but truly great gameplay never goes out of fashion.