Mycle Cargo

The all-electric cargo bike that’s built for heavy lifting

Mycle Cargo electric bike
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If you’re in need of a bike that can help you get from one place to another without using a car, the Mycle Cargo might be it. This is a very capable, all-electric cycle that can handle a sizeable payload, while offering brisk, comfortable performance into the bargain. Compared to rivals it’s also keenly priced, with the only downsides being its weight and the space you’ll need to find in order to store it.


  • +

    Good value for money

  • +

    Powerful vehicle

  • +

    120km range


  • -

    Difficult to store

  • -

    Tough to ride for inexperienced

  • -

    Only available from manufacturer

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Mycle Cargo: One-minute review

The Mycle Cargo is a big and beefy electric cargo bike, which can be used with pedal power and 7-speed Shimano derailleur gearing, or using battery power or, indeed, a combination of the two options. It’s built in the UK, arrives almost completely assembled and features a removable battery (or two as a payable option) for ease of charging and security. It's one of the best electric bikes for carrying cargo, at this price, we've seen so far. 

It’s possible to get around 60km of range from one battery, but the Mycle Cargo also has the option of adding another one, which effectively doubles its range. The bike can carry loads up to 125kg for the rack and has a combined rider and maximum load rating of 210kg. Thanks to small but chunky 20-inch tires and wheels the Mycle Cargo is simple to ride, with controls that are just as easy to master. 

If you’re aiming to carry lots of stuff, Mycle offers the bike with a host of accessories, from bags and panniers to seating for up to three children. The resulting package means the Mycle Cargo makes a realistic alternative to taking the car, which soon starts to make its asking price seem very reasonable indeed. 

Mycle Cargo: Price and availability

The Mycle Cargo bike is available now and can be ordered direct from the manufacturers, who are based in the UK. It comes in a choice of two colours, with a black frame or, in the case of our example, Speckled White. 

The base price is £1,999 (around $2,260 in the USA or AU$3,575 in Australia), although there are several optional extras that could easily take the price above that. Of particular interest, if you’re looking to carry lots of things are the various basket and bag accessories that can be attached to the bike. 

While there are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing one of the best electric bikes, the range of cargo options is slightly less expansive.  What’s more, cargo bikes are expensive things to build, especially when you factor in the extra design and engineering that goes into constructing one. Considering that fact, the Mycle Cargo, which retails at just under £2K seems like very good value. 

The range of components that have been used are generally very good, with for example, a respected brand like Shimano entrusted with gear-changing duties. Add it all together and the Mycle Cargo seems like very good value, especially when put alongside some rival brands that offer their cargo bikes at double the price. That said, one alternative has to be the RadPower Bikes RadWagon, which is very comparable as a bike and the price is in the region of £2,000, depending on the specification.

Mycle Cargo electric bike

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

Mycle Cargo: Design

  • Very big and heavy
  • Takes up lots of storage space
  • Great to use, well-designed

The Mycle Cargo weighs 33kg, which rises to 36.6kg if you want to double to battery and range of the bike. That’s still a lot of weight to lug around, despite the 6061 aluminum that’s been used in the frame. This being a cargo bike means the frame design is quite involved, allowing for extra strength, which is part of the compromise you have to put up with for a bike that can carry lots of payloads. 

The other thing to take into consideration is the sheer size of the Mycle Cargo. It measures 1.87 meters long, so storing it could prove challenging if you’re not blessed with much in the way of space. This length also needs to be taken into consideration when you’re riding it, especially with the footrests that are attached to the rear sides of the bike. These can tend to catch you out if you’re picking your way through tight spots, either riding or pushing it – this is another slight downside to cargo bikes in general.

However, the Mycle Cargo is actually a joy to use on a daily basis and it’s been nicely designed to deliver a genuinely comfy rider experience. The saddle is excellent, as is the riding position, with easy access to the Shimano gearing, handlebar-mounted power controls and the Tektra disc brake levers. Shimano’s 7-speed Altus drivetrain can frequently be found on other bikes of this ilk and here, it works to great effect.

Mycle includes front and rear lighting too, with a headlight that delivers a strong LED beam and elongated rear illumination that doubles as a brake light. Another key aspect of the Mycle Cargo design is the double-legged, flip-down stand that keeps the bike securely stabilized when you’re parked up. This is also vital if you’re loading offspring into any attached cycle seats. Top marks also go to the fit and finish of this bike, with a good selection of components and a paint finish that is spot-on too.

  • Design score: 3/5

Mycle Cargo electric bike

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

Mycle Cargo: Battery life

  • Five-hour charging time
  • Enough juice to get you through the day
  • 120km range

Mycle reckons that you can recharge the battery in five hours and, based on our time with it, that seems to be about right, give or take. The great thing about the bike is that there’s a big enough battery to let you go about your chores for a day, without hassle. Mycle reckons you can get 120km out of the two batteries per day. 

Then, when you get back to base, plug in and charge it overnight. Charging can be done using a standard three-pin plug and the supplied cables and adapter.

  • Battery life score: 4/5

Mycle Cargo: Performance

  • Plenty of power in the 250W motor and 720Wh battery
  • Chunky 20-inch wheels provide stability
  • Three separate power settings

Make no mistake, if you buy yourself an electric bike like the Mycle Cargo you’re going to get a lot weight as part of the package. Thankfully, this model comes armed with plenty of muscle to help you on your way. There’s a 250W, 48V brushless motor, integrated into the hub of the rear wheel, which provides plenty of push as you head on down the road. Combined with the on-board 720Wh battery pack, or packs, the Mycle Cargo certainly feels up for anything, especially thanks to those chunky 20-inch wheels and puncture resistant tyres.

There’s a power setting for any occasion or scenario too, so you can switch through the three different options to help with electronic assist as you see fit. In fact, if you’re keen to get in shape, another benefit is to choose a setting that offers slightly less assist and do a bit more pedalling instead. However, you wouldn't really want to pedal the Mycle Cargo too far without any assistance, especially on rough or hilly terrain. It can be done, and the 7-speed gearing helps, but this is a big and bulky machine.

 The Mycle Cargo bike is a very likeable thing, with lots of features and functionality that make it a well-rounded, great value machine. You’ll need to have space to spare in order to store it, and also be prepared for riding a long and heavy bike around. However, you also get the ability to carry lots of stuff, including up to three children if needed using proper safety seats, and get your journey done with ease thanks to a chunky battery and electric motor combination. Given what you get, the Mycle Cargo, therefore, seems like a very solid bet. 

  • Performance score: 4/5

Mycle Cargo: Buy it if...

You have cargo
If you need to shift loads, or indeed your offspring, the Mycle Cargo could be the e-bike to help you get the job done. 

You have a budget
Compared to rival cargo bikes, the Mycle Cargo is great value. It also comes with optional baskets and panniers. 

You're eco-friendly
Cutting down on car use is possible with this e-bike. In fact, it could help you do without one altogether. 

Mycle Cargo electric bike

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

Don't buy it if...

You're not a confident cyclist
The Mycle Cargo is a long, heavy electric bike, a slightly different experience to an average two-wheeler.

You’re stuck for space
The Mycle Cargo bike is a sizeable thing, which will be hard to store in some scenarios. 

You won't get much use out of it
Occasional movement of people and stuff might not be enough to justify buying a Mycle Cargo bike, but if it’s used frequently the two-wheeler looks like great value. 

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