Moto Z2 Force review

Motorola’s refined Android phone, now slimmer in all ways

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Final Verdict

The Moto Z2 Force proves that modular accessories aren’t just an ambitious concept, they’re a successful idea in the Z series’ sophomore year, and it still has room to grow. Motorola does this while keeping its smartphone line up-to-date with a faster chipset and improved camera. It has some neat tricks with selective black-and-white photos and a front-facing camera flash.

Attaching the Moto 360 Camera to the new phone has been fun and it’s easy to do since there’s no Bluetooth pairing required. We felt the same way about the Insta projector and JBL speaker last year. You’re just going to have to consider forking over even more money for a MotoMod battery now that this slimmed-down Force phone has a weaker battery. It moves Motorola further away from its affordable Moto X days. 

The future is as expensive as it is exciting sometimes.

The Moto Game Pad doesn't have a price or release date coming, but we got to try it

The Moto Game Pad doesn't have a price or release date coming, but we got to try it

Who’s it for?

Moto Z2 Force is for early adopters who want something new from their smartphone every few months, and Motorola's bench is deep, from the 360 camera, to the projector, to the 10x zoom camera attachments. It has a high early adopter appropriate price to match, unfortunately. Things get even pricier when you include the almost essential battery mods to bring the battery life back to where it was before.

Should I buy it?

Yes, if you’re willing to take advantage of the fun and exciting MotoMods, then Moto Z2 Force is an easy purchase decision compared to other Android phones. There’s nothing else out there like it. The Essential Phone still needs to launch and it remains an unproven freshman effort. But, keep in mind, while Moto Z2 Force is the first successful modular phone, there are slightly better Android handsets out there with longer battery life and superior cameras – ones that aren’t concerned about thinness and your willingness to buy its accessories.

Matt Swider