Misfit Vapor X review

Running out of steam

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The Misfit Vapor X is a nice smartwatch marooned on a withered platform. It is comfortable, looks good and has all the right hardware features. But even a new ‘efficient’ chipset can’t drag it beyond one-day battery life.

Okay, you can get two days using a watch-only mode. But if you want a watch that just tells time, buy a watch.

It demands more maintenance, and feels less responsive, than the best lower-tech fitness trackers. And the almost complete lack of progress in Wear OS watch apps over the last year or two makes you wonder if all the effort is worth it.

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Who’s this for?

The Misfit Vapor X is for people who want a smartwatch, but not an Apple Watch or one with lower-key smarts like the Huawei Watch GT. The ideal buyer will also need either patience or organizational skills, as it needs charging regularly.

Should you buy it?

Think carefully before buying a Wear OS watch. While this is a mostly fine example of one, its fairly short battery life will likely try your patience. Dead set on Wear OS? The Misfit Vapor X is more expensive than the TicWatch models but is also far more stylish and has a newer chipset.

Most people may be better off with a smartwatch with fewer smart features but better battery life, or an Apple Watch 3. It’s cheaper.

First reviewed: October 2019

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