Samsung EX2F review

Smarter than the average compact camera

Samsung EX2F review
The Samsung EX2F has an extremely large aperture

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A pixel count of 12 million isn't particularly exciting these days, but it is sufficient for most situations that you would reasonably expect a compact camera to be used in. It also enables the camera to produce cleaner images than one with a higher pixel count.

Having a large maximum aperture of f/1.4 at the wide-angle end of the lens and f/2.7 at the telephoto end is also useful, because it enables faster shutter speeds than normal to be used when light levels drop. With close subjects it also enables depth of field to be restricted so that the background can be blurred.

Samsung is leading the way with Wi-Fi connectivity in cameras, and the Samsung EX2F makes good use of it, with several different ways of sharing images direct from the camera as well as a Remote Viewfinder option.

We found the Wi-Fi features easy to set up and use, and they are sure to be a hit with Facebook lovers and the like.

We liked

Having a bright 24-80mm lens makes the Samsung EX2F a versatile camera that can be used in all sorts of situations. It also feels well put together and should withstand regular use.

All the key controls are easy to access, and enthusiast photographers should find they quickly get to grips with it.

Once your home Wi-Fi network details have been input and your Facebook login details are stored, it's easy to share images direct from the camera.

We disliked

If you want to use the Smart Filters you can't select the active AF point, this decision has to be made by the camera - which seems rather odd. You'll also have to forgo shooting raw files.

The Samsung EX2F would seem ideally suited for use with a touchscreen, but it doesn't have one. A touchscreen would speed up settings adjustments and inputting information such as Wi-Fi network passwords.

Final verdict

With the exception of the odd unusually dark or very high contrast scene, the Samsung EX2F is a very capable compact camera that delivers high-quality images with plenty of detail at the lower sensitivity settings, and natural colour.

Wi-Fi connectivity has been well integrated, and the system is easy to set up and use.

There are only a few niggles, such as the fact that some options aren't available when shooting raw files, and it takes a while to work out what settings you need to use to make the filter options accessible.

These issues and the lack of a touchscreen hold the Samsung EX2F back from being an up to the minute compact camera.