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Philips 47PFL9632D review

Philips' Perfect Pixel Engine goes large.

Our Verdict

If you keep an eye to the contrast levels and placement of the set, this is a very rewarding LCD for the money


  • Picture clarity
  • Traditional Ambilight
  • Connectivity


  • The processing is occasionally caught out by small, fast-moving objects
  • Care needed with setup

Recently I singled out Philips' 32PFL9632D LCD TV as my favourite 32in TV. So it was with some excitement that I finally found myself hoiking onto the test bench a 47in version. Would a larger screen do fuller justice to the brand's Perfect Pixel Engine, Clear LCD technology and 100Hz processing. I could hardly contain myself.

In terms of design, the set's combination of gloss black, metallic silver strip, and matt black bezel looks more striking and less fussy at the larger screen size than it did at 32in. There's also Philips' standard Ambilight backlighting, as well as a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, and extensive connectivity.

Powerful processing

In use, the internal processing engine manages to 'ramp up' all but the very shoddiest of standard-def digital source material to something that looks crisp, clean and relatively pretty.

The 100Hz engine, HD Natural Motion and Clear LCD cocktail really make their presence felt. The TV's remarkable sharpness isn't just down to all the detail processing; it's because objects are moving across the screen with practically zero blurring or resolution loss, and with a fluidity that is at times mesmerising.

Colour performance is fine. Bright scenes, like those in the Bahamas in Casino Royale (BD), look breathtakingly vibrant and rich. Gradations are immaculate.


However, there are caveats. While the TV's black level response is outstanding by mainstream LCD standards, the image loses contrast and colour quickly if you view from any significant angle, so placement is crucial.

I also urge caution with the TV's contrast and noise reduction settings - set them too high and the picture can look distractingly artificial. Even so, the 47PFL9632D can be considered a great showcase for Philips LCD processing prowess