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Philips 32PF9830 HD-ready LCD TV review

Cutting-edge technology, but try before you buy...

Our Verdict

A staggering level of extra detail - but not everyone's cup of tea


  • Sharper, more stable pictures

    Extra detail from DVDs and HD material

    Ambilight feature


  • Close up, screen looks busy

Philips' LCDs are not for everyone. Despite its uniquely cute design and cutting-edge electronics, there's a trade-off involved when watching this 32-inch model.

That's down to Pixel Plus II HD technology, which manages to eek out a staggering level of extra detail from DVDs and high-definition material. Sharper and more stable pictures than on any other TV are the result, but close up, the screen looks busy. Sit further back from the screen than normal and the fizzing isn't as obvious.

Try before you buy is our mantra for any TV, and with the 32PF9830 comes the ubiquitous Ambilight feature that begs a demo. With light emanating from the sides of the TV that is sympathetic to the on-screen colours, it makes the TV's pictures more watchable. We'd go so far as to say it's an essential part of the TV.