JVC LT-26DX7 review

The £800 JVC LT-26DX7 makes a perfect second TV in any room

The LT-26DX7's 26in screen size is ideal for the bedroom

TechRadar Verdict

A TV that's not just great in the bedroom, but anywhere else you choose to put it


  • +

    Excellent DiST picture processing

    Superb audio


  • -

    Black levels good but not great

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Your search for a TV to put in the bedroom is over: you can't go wrong with this superb set from JVC. The LT-26DX7's 26in screen size is ideal for the bedroom - not too small but not too imposing - and its gorgeous looks are guaranteed to give the room a hint of hi-tech style.

Inside the set is a Freeview tuner with a seven-day electronic programme guide (EPG), which means you won't need to make room for a set-top box, and also on board are two HDMIs, which is a bit much for bedroom use but generous all the same.

The set is also equipped with two Scarts (both accept RGB signals) plus component and PC inputs.

Internal picture processing comes courtesy of Digital Image Scaling Technology (DIST) and DynaPix HD, which boosts detail, colours, contrast and movement. And boy, do they work well.

DIST ensures pictures are packed with fine detail, especially with hi-def material, which is the undoubted highlight. Pictures are razor sharp at all times and possess the kind of rich colour saturation that really brings hi-def pictures to life. Black levels are fine, but the set's high brightness means they never plunge to plasma depths. On the whole though, the set delivers a cracking contrast range that gives the pictures a solid, rich appearance.

There are a few other useful features: backlight brightness adjustment, single tuner picture-in-picture, and JVC's Super Digipure.

The latter tweaks the edges in pictures, to emphasise them in low-contrast material, and the opposite in high-contrast images.

Fast and furious

Unlike many LCDs on the market, the JVC offers pictures that are mostly free from blurring or judder when depicting fast movement.

We're also pleased to report that there's very little by way of noise, while edges enjoy a pleasing freedom from jaggedness and contouring. In addition colours that fall within the set's contrast range are remarkably vivid and bright.

However, where the LT-26DX7 really excels is with audio. The 3D Cinema Sound mode pulls off the nigh-on impossible feat of producing genuinely convincing surround sound from its two hidden speakers. The soundstage offers outstanding width and surround effects that appear to come from behind you, which gives movie soundtracks an added dimension.

The rest of its sonic capabilities are equally impressive. There's plenty of bass, the midrange and treble are remarkably clear and open, plus it can go very loud without distorting.

Even without its superb audio capabilities, the LT-26DX7 would be well worth recommending, but its inclusion turns this TV into something rather special. Whether you put it in the bedroom, living room or even the bathroom, it guarantees excellent picture quality - and you can't ask for more than that.

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