Sony VPL-EW5 review

A versatile all-rounder that doesn't break the bank

Sony VPL-EW5
A budget model that handles day and night projection with ease

TechRadar Verdict

An all purpose projector that's not afraid to play in the daytime


  • +

    High power lamp

  • +

    Great colours


  • -

    Black levels

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Sony is not pitching the VPL-EW5 as a home cinema model, rather it's a versatile all-rounder. But that doesn't mean it can't cope with movies.

Colours are surprisingly rich and vibrant, probably even more so than some of the big-budget LCD models.

Black levels aren't half bad, either, even if they do fall well short of the DLP power Optoma GT-7000.

In compensation, you get a high-power lamp mode that makes this projector the most effective tool here for watching video or playing games during the day.


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