JVC DLA-X3 3D review

JVC's affordable 3D lightbox ushers in a new era for D-ILA home projectors

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JVC dla x3


The DLA-X3 is a seriously desirable home theatre projector, with a 2D performance that's ridiculously fine for the money. The DLA-X7 and DLA-X9 models may offer superior contrast, but there's nothing here to really grumble about.

Black level performance and fine detailing remain top dollar. The X3 is also well built and at 20dB, whisper-quiet in operation.

Its 3D performance is similarly exciting, although there remain some issues with performance and execution. The separate sync transmitter is inelegant, and there's also that thorny issue of crosstalk. Many viewers will doubtless be able to ignore the latter (3D is currently little more than a fun diversion, after all), however, I still feel there is work for JVC to do in this area.

It'll be interesting to see how the step-up THX-rated models compare.

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