JVC DLA-X3 3D review

JVC's affordable 3D lightbox ushers in a new era for D-ILA home projectors

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Power consumption: Watts

White screen: 230W

This amount of energy consumption is common for a projector of this size.

Test footage: 230W

As we have come to expect from most projectors, power output does not change when watching live footage. Switch the bulb to "high output" and energy consumption jumps 307W.

Contrast ratio:

Claimed: 50,000:1
Measured: 35,877:1

Very good real world contrast ratio from this JVC. Contrast ratio jumped to 73,468:1 using the 3D setting.


Cinema: 10.5fL

3D: 21.4fL

Colour accuracy: 6289K

High Bright: 7701K
5500K: 5798K
6000K: 6289K
6500K: 6791K
7000K: 7267K
7500K: 7744K
8000K: 8232K
8500K: 8748K
9000K: 9187K
9500K: 9274K

This JVC projector has a lot of user options available. We were able to achieve a perfect white temperature of 6500K using the wide variety of colour options available.