Kimber Timbre review

A fantastic performance from Kimber's mid-range interconnect cable

Kimber Timbre
The Timbre is only halfway up Kimber's range, but its performance frankly belies that

TechRadar Verdict

Unless one is trying to tweak an upmarket system to the nth degree, or use a cable for 'tuning', this is one of the best interconnects we know of


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    Well made

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    Superb performance


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    Kimber's interconnect cables have generally followed a common pattern in recent years, with three conductors plaited together.

    Termination is done with two conductors for 'hot' and one for earth: Kimber's claims for the arrangement are more to do with the way the plaiting distributes electromagnetic fields around the cable, than anything related to ohmic resistance and there's no real reason why the resistance difference in each 'leg' of the circuit should matter.

    Within each conductor are copper strands of various thicknesses and the insulation is of transparent Teflon. In principle, a cable constructed like this is more open to hum and interference pick up than the more common coaxial arrangement, but we've yet to encounter any problems in line-level circuits, at least.

    Excellent in every way

    Simple, but good-quality phono plugs with Kimber's 'Ultraplate' surface treatment are fitted as standard: XLR connectors are an option, for balanced working.

    We've vague memories of hearing this cable before, but it was an analloyed pleasure to be reacquainted with it. Sound is beautifully solid and well-rounded, but also very delicate and highly detailed and there is a marvellous sense of stereo image in a large space between, beyond and around the loudspeakers.

    Only by trying direct comparison with some very fancy cables, were we able to identify any limitations: there is just the slightest hint of high-frequency congestion on the odd occasion, but by goodness it's small in this extent.

    The Timbre is only halfway up Kimber's range, but its performance frankly belies that: excellent in every way.