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Technics RPF-880 review

Neutral-sounding cans that'll suit most purposes

Our Verdict

Fine all-round ability for an affordable price, but Technics have done better in the past


  • Comfortably fitted


    Uncoloured sound


  • Futuristic design won't appeal to all

    Bright treble

Technics is another brand that's found fame through favour from the DJ fraternity, though the RPF-880s are not specifically designed for disc spinning duties.

They offer an all-round ability that's suited to all types of isolated listening. The space-age styling features a comfortable, self-adjusting headband strangely supported by plastic tubing, which may appeal to teenagers, but may leave traditionalists feeling a little self-conscious.

The vented design does allow a slight hiss of ambient noise into your listening experience, most noticeable when listening to more subdued tracks.

In action, the RPF-880s deliver an open, uncoloured sound that's comfortable with whatever choice of weapon your musical collection is armed with. On the first listen, the sound is instantly exciting courtesy of an overexaggerated treble, but that soon tires with time, leaving you yearning for a little more balance and composure.

Nonetheless, the mid-range is natural and expressive, creating precise imaging, especially with vocal performances.