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How to buy a TV: everything you need to know to get a set that's right for you

Don't buy a TV without reading this first

With Amazon Prime Day kicking off imminently, we've put together this handy guide to help you find the best TV to suit your needs. Read on for all the best buying advice, as well as some specific advice about individual models and manufacturers. 

For things you mostly just want to sit back and watch, televisions have become hellishly complicated to buy. Within minutes of dipping your toes into TV buying waters these days you’ll find your head swimming with so many acronyms and so much brain-melting jargon that you may well end up deciding to bury your head in the sand and stick with what you’ve got.

This, though, would be a real shame. For lying behind all the complication are some truly outstanding TVs capable of making your old set look like a relic from the stone age. With this in mind, we’ve put together this simple but comprehensive guide to all the latest TV tech that matters. By the time you’ve finished this you’ll be a TV salesman’s worst nightmare: a consumer who actually knows what they’re talking about…

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