YouTube is hiring someone to make peace with its disaffected stars

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YouTube needs a heart, and is on the lookout for someone to "develop empathy" with creators – many of whom find that the pressure of planning, recording, editing and uploading videos several times a week leaves them feeling burned out and miserable.

According to a job ad spotted on LinkedIn, the new member of the YouTube crew needs experience talking about controversial and complex topics, and will ideally have a good handle on crisis management too.

As part of their hefty list of responsibilities, they'll need to "enhance the level of trust between creators and YouTube", and help boost "creator success and happiness".

That's no mean feat when creators, who are often young, with little experience of balancing work and life, are pushing themselves to breaking point to stand out amid the 400 hours of video that are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

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YouTube has already made some changes this year to take some of the pressure off popular YouTubers to spend every waking moment creating.

Earlier this year, the site tweaked its algorithm so that a creator's number of views, number of subscribers and watch time are no longer so important in deciding how often their videos pop to the top of search results.

Instead, suggested videos and search results depend more on accurate tagging of videos, and what the viewer has watched and enjoyed before. 

If you think you've got what it takes to help smooth things over even more (including a bachelor's degree and at least eight years' experience in marketing or communications), you can apply for the job on LinkedIn. At the time of writing, fewer than 25 people have put themselves forward, so it's worth a shot.

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