Apple WWDC 2017 HomePod, iPad Pro 2, iOS 11 launch as it happened

10.15 - We're going to get 6 important announcements today.

Start with tvOS introduced the tv app on mac, tablet and phone - Amazon is coming to the TV app and all Apple TVs later this year.

As you know it has wealth of great content and original content, transparent etc. You'll hear a lot more about tvOS later this year.

10.14 - Four platforms today tvOS, macOS, watchOS and iOS. "We have a lot to talk about today, and I do mean a lot, so I'm dispensing with the updates other to tell you Apple is doing great."

10.12 - Apple developer community now has 16m registered developers added 3 m last year alone.

There are a number of student developers in the audience today, including a 10 year old who started coding at the age of 6 and he already has 5 apps on the app store.

Some of the devs here got a bit of a later start. She's a Japanese lady who's 82 years old and published her first app earlier this year.

10.10 - Well that was... weird. Tim Cook on stage now, "it's great to be back in San Jose" he tells us.

"This is going to be the biggest, and best WWDC ever" - well let's hope so.

10.07 - Here we go. It's kicking off with a video - a new Apple employee is being shown a lonely desk in a server room. He's got the original iPod. He's just unplugged the servers - this is not a good first day.

He won't last the week.

It's literally deleting apps of people's iPhones around the world. If this is actually what happens if someone unplugs a server we're all in a lot of trouble.

10.06 - Still waiting. Apple's being such a tease today. Jony Ive and Eddie Cue are in the building though, so that's good. Someone give Tim a nudge, yeah?

10.03 - "Ladies and gentlemen, the presentation will begin shortly". Good.

10.01 - It's time, but we're not underway just yet. We're so close though, you can almost smell it.

09.56 - The big screen is now just displaying the Apple logo. Black, on a white background. It's almost time. Still a few people trying to find a seat. This is why you get here early people.

09.50 - It's very full now as the final few people attempt to locate the remaining seats.

09.45 - It's all very chilled in here as we pass the 15 minutes to go mark. The Wi-Fi is bouncy, but there's a sense that we’re in for a long, long day. Matt has gone to the toilet, again.

09.28 - Are you sitting comfortably? Word on the grapevine here is this is going to be a long one - that could mean we will be in for several new product launches after all. 

32 minutes to go. No sign of Tim Cook yet. I wish I'd saved my apple.

09.20 - The doors are open and we're in! Early thoughts: there's some indie rock playing (Mountain At My Gates, Foals) and it's a little on the nippy side - glad I packed my cardigan.

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09.05 - Remember the promise of some serious WWDC #SWAG from earlier? (See 03.00) Well Jessie Char has now got her hands on said swag. Jokes on her though, I've just finished my apple.

Less than an hour to go now.

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Oh... wait... no. It's just my breakfast. Carry on.

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08.45 - We've just arrived at the McEnery Convention Center, and there's a buzz around the place as people join the already sizable queue in the lobby. Talk of what to expect fills the air as the sun continues to rise for what is a beautifully clear morning here in San Jose, California.

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08.25 - There's word of new MacBooks at WWDC 2017 this year - and with the Apple Store being down (see 05.50) - there's a good chance the Cupertino firm has something up its sleeve for computing fans.

Here's what Matt Hanson, TechRadar's Computing Editor, reckons we'll get from the new MacBooks.

“I want to see Apple really come out swinging with a range of new MacBooks that prove it’s still the king”

Matt Hanson, Computing Editor

"I’ve just got back from Computex 2017, the huge tech show in Taiwan, and there were loads of (mainly Windows-based) laptops gunning for Apple’s sales. They were lighter, more powerful, more desirable and cheaper than the MacBook – so I want to see Apple really coming out swinging at WWDC with a range of new MacBooks that prove it’s still the king when it comes to making premium laptops that everyone wants.

"We’ve heard rumors that the MacBook Air range of laptops is getting dropped, so it looks like it is up to the MacBook Pro and MacBook to carry the thin and light torch.

"I’m worried we won’t see any major design changes from Apple this year, and instead it will be up to the improved hardware packed inside to get our pulses racing.

"I want to see MacBooks with the latest 7th generation (Kaby Lake) processors, making them even more powerful, power efficient and future proof. Processors may not be the most exciting thing, but if Apple doesn’t boost the brains of its MacBooks, it’s going to get left behind by its competition."

08.15 - Two members of the TechRadar team will be reporting live from Apple’s WWDC event today. 

Make sure you follow Gareth Beavis and Matt Swider for their hot-takes from the show, as well as this live blog they’ll be updating as the words literally flow out of the mouths of those on stage, before their very eyes.

08.00 - WatchOS 4 is expected to make an appearance on stage today, ushering in the step in Apple's wearable plans. 

"What's likely [to appear at WWDC] is the major watchOS 4 upgrade that will set Apple's wearable lineup apart further"

Cameron Faulkner, Phones US Editor

TechRadar's Phones and Wearables US Editor, Cameron Faulkner says: "Apple is the clear leader in the wearables space, so it shouldn't feel rushed to release the Apple Watch 3. Given that, it's hard to say if we'll actually see the next Apple Watch today.

"However, what's more likely is the major upgrade watchOS 4 that will set Apple's wearable lineup apart further.

"Expect better battery life, more app support and enhanced features alongside the update to iOS 11. Who knows, maybe we'll see some surprise features, too."

07.15 - With less than three hours to go until Cook and Co. take to the stage, why not catch up on last year's event?

WWDC 2016 treated us to watchOS 3, macOS Sierra (RIP OS X), iOS 10 and more. We're expecting iOS and watchOS to get another reboot this time around, but we may be treated to hardware as well - which is more unusual for Apple's developer conference.

06:48 - Tim Cook is awake! Cook has tweeted his excitement for the WWDC event later today but hasn't provided any additional teasers. He has just said that the company has "a big week ahead", but Apple's CEO would say that.

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06:20 - Today may be the day we get to see the long awaited Siri speaker. TechRadar's Home Technology Writer Jon Porter says, "Although Apple were very early to the voice assistant game, Siri has seriously fallen behind the competition when it comes to the functionality it offers, a Siri Speaker has the potential to catch the company up.

"A Siri Speaker has the potential to bring a new lease of life to Apple's HomeKit"

Jon Porter, Home Technology Writer

"A Siri Speaker has the potential to bring a new lease of life to Apple's HomeKit smart home platform, which suffers from needing to be controlled by either an iPhone or Apple TV - hardly the most convenient in a household containing multiple brands of phone.

"Of course, the likes of Amazon and Google have been working on their smart speakers for some time now. Apple has a lot of catching up to do."

05:50 - Apple has taken down its online store to prepare for today's announcements. It means you won't be able to buy a new iPad or iPhone for the next few hours (how will we cope?!), but we expect it to reappear when WWDC finishes up later today. 

03:00 - Apple's Twitter account is having a fresh start for WWDC 2017. All of its previous tweets have been deleted, and we expect to see some new ones appear as proceedings get under way.

Plus Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Apple, has retweeted someone claiming the goody bags Apple will be giving out at this year's WWDC event are particularly good.

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02:20 PDT - Apple CEO Tim Cook is likely still sleeping before the big day, but he did tweet yesterday about how Apple scholarship recipients are at WWDC 2017 this year.

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Welcome - Today is the big day: it's time for WWDC 2017. We're expecting big announcements in the realms of macOS and iOS, as well as a sneaky peek at watchOS 4 and maybe even some new Apple tvOS features.

It's not all about software though – we're expecting hardware too. Rumors suggest we may be about to see the iPad Pro 2 as well as a new MacBook.

Other less well-founded rumors include a reveal of the Apple Watch 3, and maybe even a look at a smaller iPhone SE 2 ahead of the big iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 announcements later in the year.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement though is the rumored Siri Speaker. It looks to be a competitor to both Google Home and Amazon Echo, and may be the headline-grabbing device we see later on today.

Be sure to check back here regularly for all the exciting announcements from Apple's big developer conference.

John McCann
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