Apple WWDC 2017 HomePod, iPad Pro 2, iOS 11 launch as it happened

12.05 - That's the end of it all we think, as Craig is back on stage. As mentioned, iOS 11 is coming in the Fall, so we assume the September launch as usual.

The Apple Pencil is getting a much bigger place in the iPad's ecosystem. This is going to be much more useful if it works as shown.

12.03 - There was a funny joke on stage in the demo - this guy's daughter wanted to make an app, and she made him sign an NDA.

As someone that has to sign these all the time, being able to instantly scan it in and sign it is pretty handy. 

12.01 - If you tap on the lockscreen with your Apple Pencil, it'll go straight into the Notes app.

There's another claim that it's like writing on paper - the latency might help, but it's still rubber on glass.

But you can search through your notes more easily, so that's handy - even with bad handwriting.

12.00 - Midday. We're talking about markup, making it easy to screenshot stuff and edit it.

Pencil is more deeply integrated into Notes, and you can search handwriting... deep learning again to learn that... and if you're using typed notes you can do inline drawings.

Notes also has a built in document scanner as well to instantly be able to mark it up.

11.59 - Next up is the Apple Pencil. Will there be a new model?

11.56 - You can use two fingers to pick up multiple images then use another hand to swipe up and open Mail to easily send pics to friends.

It'll be interesting to see how this happens in real life, but it looks powerful.

The folders are synced across multiple devices, and you can do so with online cloud providers too. Interesting to see how that will work offline.

Got to admit, Apple is going all in with the iPad Pro to make it more like a proper laptop.

11.54 - Files is coming to the iPad. This is when Apple got serious about making the iPad Pro a real competitor to a laptop. It's not going to be perfect, but this is ticking a lot of boxes.

It'll support Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

The two apps can be moved across the screen, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to switch between apps and then keep swiping to get into all your open windows. 

This is so much more like macOS.

11.53 - Craig is back to talk about the new iPad version of iOS 11 - and the first thing is the dock is much larger - and the dock can be summoned like on Macs and you can slide out an app to show it in the side bar.

You can snap the apps into split view, but the app switcher has all your apps held in space, and you can drag across the two apps now as well. That's a good thing that's needed.

11.50 - The new iPad Pro has the same 10-hour battery life - and we're talking cameras too. The same camera system from the iPhone 7 - optical image stabilisation on the go.

7MP Facetime camera, and the entire display can be a Retina Flash.

The iPad Pro supports USB-3, you have camera adapters, SD card readers, and there are smart covers too. With a new leather sleeve with built in storage for the Apple Pencil.

There are two iPad Pros on offer now - the 9.7 is definitely dead.

Both will start with 64GB of memory, and the 10.5-inch will start at $649, with the larger $799 - and you can go up to 512GB of storage.

They're shipping this week and you can order them today.

11.48 - We're getting a demo of what can be done here - and the Apple Pencil 2 is being shown off. Wait, Pencil 2? Who's this chap showing it off from Affinity Photo? Is it real?

The ability to crop out images is pretty smart - the processing power of the new iPad Pro is going to be impressive. 

11.46 - These are the fastest iPads ever. The A10X (natch) is on there, There's a six core CPU, and a 12-core GPU, which is 30% faster than the A9X chip, and 40% faster graphics performance.

These new iPads look a lot more like iPad mini devices. It's nice to look at.

11.45 - The refresh rate is now at 120Hz, so that means all your content is going to be smoother and crisper, and the difference is 'dramatic' and scrolling is 'buttery smooth'.

This means better working with Apple Pencil. With ProMotion (the name of the new speedier refresh) is down to 20ms latency, so drawing will be even better on the new iPad Pro.

These displays can dynamically update the refresh rate, so can update slower when not needed to save battery life.

11.43 - You'll be getting a full size on-screen keyboard and Smart Keyboard accessory too.

All the iPads are getting True Tone display, 600 nits brightness and low reflectively.

With iOS 11 you'll be able to do HDR video as well - taking another feature from Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3 device.

11.41 - Apple is pushing the boundaries of iPad 'further than ever before'. That's got to be a wider screen.

We're talking iPad Pro, it seems. Because he just said that, the chap that just got on stage.

Talking up the 9.7 inch and the 13-inch size too. But wait, there's an all-new iPad Pro, taking everything you like from the smaller one and smooshing in more screen. 10.5-inch display, as it's 20% larger than 9.7, and the borders are smaller, and still only 1 pound light.

11.40 - Tim is loving the new AR Kit and App Store. Onto number 5 - iPad! We're getting new iPads!

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