Apple WWDC 2017 HomePod, iPad Pro 2, iOS 11 launch as it happened

10.25 -  You can now control music better in the Watch, with a swipe coming to the right to get you straight in - with intelligent playlists based on your workout.

Ooooh - native Bluetooth support, so you can connect to more sensors, like a surfboard, tennis racquet or glucose monitor. 

The developer preview is coming today! Kevin Lynch, the man who always sounds like he just wants to get as much information out as fast as possible - is off and Tim is back. TALKING ABOUT MACS PEOPLE.

I assume that's the coat.

10.22  - There's an update to the Apple Music app on the Watch, combining better with Apple's Airpods and with support for more playlists.

The dock is now vertically scrolling - with the new intelligent Siri watch face being demo'd now as well.

10.20 - There's more coming for the workouts - high intensity interval training among other things - so there's loads to choose from.

And gym equipment too -  and in WatchOS 4, there's two way data exchange with the gym equipment and you'll connect with a simple tap on the NFC point.

Fitness gonn' be big on the new Watch 3 if it happens - so it'll be on Technogym, LifeFitness among others, coming this Fall.

10.18 - Say hello to watch OS 4. There's more personalize options, starting with watch faces. There's a new watch face powered by Siri, with machine learning allowing the watch face to adapt to the time of day, what you're doing etc.

For example, at noon you might get a reminder to make a call, while at the end of the work day you can get info on when sunset is and more.

New kaleidoscope watch face too, and you can spin the crown to make the effect.

10.16 - Moving on to number 2 already! Apple Watch incredible growth this year, number one in smartwatch by far, and what's most important to us is it's number one in customer satisfaction.

People are loving the health and fitness capabilities, and we've got some exciting updates for the watch OS.

Kevin Lynch takes the stage to tell us more.

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