Apple WWDC 2017 HomePod, iPad Pro 2, iOS 11 launch as it happened

11.39  - We're coming to the end of the show for iOS 11. Tim is back.

11.38 - I wish you could see this properly. I'm not sure what it is, but everyone here is cheering and in raptures. Is it a game or a demo? But whatever, it shows off what ARKit can do.

Oh, we're looking out for 'an AR experience on the App Store' later this year.

11.36 - Wingnut is coming on stage - Peter Jackson's company - and we're getting a sneak peek of something.

There's a game that's playing out on the table in front of you, using and moving the tablet or phone around to see what's happening on the table.

You can get really close to view the action.

I'll be honest. This is amazing. Kids are going to get a whole new level of experience if this takes off... if. 

11.32 - This is a test application, but you can use the iPhone camera to add in virtual objects on the table. This is going to be big.

The developers can add stuff in and out of the scene and even have light coming  in in different ways. Let's see how this affects the iPhone 8.

ARKit uses the camera to estimate light, find platforms and work with scale. It got integration with a lot of third party implementation.

When you bring the software together with these devices, you have hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads and that'll make ARKit the largest AR platform in the world.

AR is coming to the iPhone. Officially.

Ikea is placing furniture everywhere. Batman Lego is coming. Pokemon Go! and you'll integrate with the real environment in a new way.

Got to admit, that's impressive.

11.31 - More on machine learning from Craig. Developers are getting new APIs such as face tracking, to make things more intuitive. All built on CoreML, which offers deep neural networks, tree ensembles, and third party tools and give great performance on device.

I'm paraphrasing here. I've got lost again and started to think about how much I'm panicking about how many hands on reviews I'll have to do.

But iOS 11 can recognise multiple, multiple times more images than Google's PIxel and Samsung Galaxy S8 - Apple can't resist a dig.

Is Apple making ARKit? YES IT IS. That sounds important for the future of the iPhone.

11.30 - Back to Phil. Let's see what he's got next. Oh, no, wait, that's it for the App Store. We're back to Craig. This is like a game of hot potato.

11.28 - The gaming tab has options to see things like recommendations, see what the editors are playing.

There's a lot being said here, but ultimately it's just to make things swifter and more attractive. The same with the apps tab, with more categories.

11.24 - Showing off Monument Valley 2 - that's a beautiful game already, and the new product page in 'Today' tab shows a lot more info.

Do people really care about the story behind the app? The idea of making the story richer could be a good thing, but most people just want the App Store to load quicker.

Do that, and we'll all be happy.

The new store will give more information on how to use the apps as well - that's probably decent.

There will be an app of the day, game of the day, and each of them are more thematic so you can see what's happened earlier in the week too.

11.22 - Oh wow, the whole app store is being redesigned. It's going to look a lot more like News and Apple Music. 

The first tab is Today, so you can see what's new that day. That's being 'brought back', a place to feature the apps that Apple likes, and the stories behind the creation.

There's another new tab - for games - and it has it's own dedicated space. This is the place to go to experience all that's happening with games.

And you can feature in app purchases in the App Store, and start the process to get them right away.

Apps have their own tab, with features and charts and all that business - everything is retooled to look more like the new Apple.

11.20 - Phil Schiller is on stage to talk about the App Store now. NINE YEARS OLD, where does the time go.

There are 500 million weekly visitors, and 180 billion apps downloaded already.

Just recently passed 70 billion dollars paid out, with 30 percent in the last year alone, as we recently reported on.

App review times are going faster - so the team at Apple is trying to make it quicker to see the reviews go live.

This is one for the developers - they're losing their mind over phases releases so they can see how people respond to the update. It got a WHOOOO.

11.18 - Apple Music - and there are 27 million customers already. The services are getting a big push at WWDC 2017.

You can see what you're friends are listening to, and then they can configure their profile to share. Another Spotify feature that's being brought in.

The API is going wider, so third party apps can add it in - Nike+, Anchor and Shazam are being shown off.

11.17 - HomeKit up next. God, I need that smoothie.

But there's a new category to HomeKit - it's speakers. You can configure speakers and access by Airplay 2.0 protocol, designed for Multi-Room set ups.

This is stepping it up to Google Chromecast. And others can add into a party playlist.

Loads of speaker manufacturers - including Bose and Beats. Even easier if you're connected to AppleTV, and Siri can get involved too.

11.16 - There are detailed floor plans in malls in Maps, and you can browse by floor. Loads of cities around the world to start, and the same thing is happening for airports.

Not really new - Google Maps - but there's also speed limits and lane guidance in Navigation.

Now talking CarPlay - 200 models of car that support it - there's 'Do Not Disturb While Driving'. So the certain pointless apps won't ping you.

Apple will use the Wi-Fi doppler effect to work out when you're driving, and will suggest the do not disturb - and you can tell it you're not driving if you're a passenger.

And if you are driving, you can automatically tell people you're driving, but important people can still break through.

11.15 - Now there's Apple Pay, as we know, in Messages, and if you mention needing to pay someone the app will automatically surface.


11.14 - Siri is working out things I look at too - so if you've read a word about something on the internet, and will add it to your dictionary.

Don't ever go into Urban Dictionary on an iPhone.

11.12 - Memories is getting an upgrade. Who gives a crap about the rest of this though... the iPhone can work out all the videos of dogs and make a video of them!


11.09 - All the notifications are hidden on the lock screen if you swipe upwards, to keep things cleaner.

Photos are getting an upgrade too. You can trim and move around within the editing app and even choose a specific shot… and you can make seamless loops of live photos.

11.07 - Live Photos can now be trimmed, you can mark any part of the video as your ‘key photo’.

Oh, and Control Center is getting a redesign. It’s all in one page, with easier sliders.

THANK GOD. The sliders are rubbish. Now everything is 3D Touch enabled, with more features enabled underneath, so you can jump in for more info.

11.05 - Next we’re talking camera. There are 1 trillion iPhone photos taken per year, and in video they do it with HEVC - two times better camera compression - with and the JPG is going!

It’s going to be using a high efficiency image standard, but you’ll still be able to share them easily with other phones. It’s not going to be incompatible.

The whole thing on the iPhone 7 Plus, with the two cameras, is being offered to third parties.

11.04 - Siri will also understand your voice and context now, allowing you to work out what you might want to do next.

With iOS 11, Siri uses on-device learning and can suggest topics we might like in news and help make calendar appointment from what we’ve booked in Safari.

 Craig is on fire now. He’s in the zone.

11.02 - Using machine learning, Siri is now able to pronounce things in a more nuanced way. Siri also looks different… and can even translate too.

It’s like someone next to you telling you what’s happening. We don’t need to learn any more.

The first languages will be Chinese, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

10.58 - Tim Cook is back to talk about iOS. HE JUST SAID BAD ASS… with a quiver in his voice.

Another installed base joke. iOS 10 has an 86% install base, compared to 7% for Android 7.

Today, we’re going to ‘take the world’s most advanced mobile operating system and turn it up to 11’.

Craig is back… ‘this is a big one.’

We’re starting with Messages and stickers. You can more easily add in any apps to the Messages - but this is more to do with iCloud. With your messages, they’ll sync across any new device you sign into.

Huh. Thought that was already there.

This allows the device storage to be optimised, so smaller and faster backups - and it’s coming to iOS and macOS.

Next up: Apple Pay. By the end of the year, available in more than 50% of retailers in the US.

It’s in apps, on the web, and one final frontier - person to person payments. Holy crap.

 It’s integrated right into Messages… we saw this leaked earlier. It’ll go into Apple PayCash, and it’s on the Apple Watch too.

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