Apple WWDC 2017 HomePod, iPad Pro 2, iOS 11 launch as it happened

Update: Read our hands on: iPad Pro 2 10.5 review right now. More hands ons coming very soon!

Another year, another WWDC keynote done and dusted - and this one was a big one.

Tim Cook and co. announced a whole host of things including watchOS 4, iOS 11, the new iPad Pro 2, macOS High Sierra and Apple HomePod.

We were reporting live from San Jose and you can see how the mammoth two hour, 15 minute keynote went down below.

If you're looking for a full roundup of everything that happened, then make sure you check out our WWDC 2017 hub.

WWDC 2017 live blog: as it happened

12.24 - Will we get a music performance before we have to run off to try and take pictures of the new iPads and HomePod?

We are done - it's hands on time. See you soon, and thanks for stopping by. Send smoothies and tweet me on @superbeav if you want to ask anything from today!

12.23 - Tim is back, and he's rounding things up. PLEASE SAY THIS IS OVER I AM SO SO SO TIRED.

12.20 - TechRadar's deputy editor says 'This feels very closed'. It really does, but will probably expand out later.

But will that be too late for Apple?

The price is interesting: it'll be $349, which is fairly good if the speaker really is something that you'd want to play music.

It'll ship in December, in the US, UK and Australia and will come in white and space gray.

12.18 - It's also a home assistant, obviously. But it can tell you about news, messages, reminders, translation, weather, traffic, sports, smart home control and Podcasts.

This is what Apple said will be the most important things first - wonder if it will be rather specific, or more than enough?


12.16 - You can link two of them together, and there's a 'musicologist' - which basically means connected to Apple Music. It can grab the music from the service and knows your playlists etc.

However, can it work with third party services?

'Hey Siri' will activate the six microphones, and there will be a blue and purple light on top that will flicker as it listens to you.

Siri has been improved to learn more about what people will ask music - asking who plays drums or just to play more music of a certain style. 

This so isn't going to work with Spotify, the way Phil is talking about it.

12.14 - The HomePod can have a check sonically of where it is, and adapting the sound to fill the space.

It uses beam forming to detect the vocals and power them in a certain direction. And it can then improve the intensity of said sound directly.

And then it adds in 'ambient audio' - reverb and the like - and it can direct that in a different way to mix it all together.

This is what Apple's saying though. We have to hear it ourselves to check it out. But it looks impressive.

12.13 - This thing is going to be loud. There are seven tweeters with beam formers, with a massive four-inch woofer. This thing is going to be expensive, I reckon.

And it's controlled by an Apple A8 chip - the 'biggest brain ever in a speaker'. That's not too bad as it's less than two years old.

It can model the sound, beam form and basically chuck out sound nicely.

12.12 - It's going to be called HomePod. Some people weren't pleasant about that name around me. I just remember how I laughed at iPad and now say it all the time.

12.11 - It's going to be loud, spatially aware to know the space it's playing in, and work out what music it should play.

We're going to get a sneak peek as it comes out later in the year.

It looks like a Mac Pro and a microphone had a baby. 

12.10 - Some companies have made music more wireless, and some have made speakers you can speak to.

Apple is combining them on a 'breakthrough' home speaker. Been on it for a few years apparently.

12.09 - We want to 'reinvent home music' says Tim. Phil is back on stage to talk about it.

12.08 - We're talking music. Hey, it needs a speaker right? There are 40 million songs to play right?

If you add in Airpods it brings a 'magical' experience to wireless audio. What about the home though?

12.06 - Tim is back on stage. Surely the Siri speaker?

'We've got One.... LAST thing to talk to you about!'

Oh Tim, you card.

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