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Weird Tech
Weird Tech on TechRadar

Here at TechRadar we like to keep our eye out for the more bizarre stories in the world of technology, and it's amazing just how far the frontiers of pointless science can be pushed.

Weird Tech is our weekly round-up of these stories, where we doff our caps to the strange, weird and wonderful in the world of technology.

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Here's a collection of our recent Weird Tech features.

How to explain the internet to the authorities
Plus astronaut underpants and pylon art
12 August 2010

Pop star rages at game from beyond the grave
Plus a robot that achieves its ambitions
30 July 2010

XeroDeath69 changed his name to Ian Collingwood
Plus general net despair and something lighthearted about bananas
9 July 2010

Leonard Nimoy takes on Terminator role
Plus X-ray specialist material for skeletal fetishists
18 June 2010

Online horseplay for the MMO community
Plus 3 other stories not as good as a horse-based MMORPG
11 June 2010

Dolphin frustrated by lack of Flash support
Plus pretending to go to Mars and monkey/robot interfaces
4 June 2010

Videogames in shocking 'good news' claim
Plus insect apps and constitutional shame
28 May 2010

Keep forgetting to drink water? There's an app for that
Plus the ultimate home-made robot war suit
21 May 2010

New dating site restricted to Apple users
Ugly Windows and Linux users need not apply
7 May 2010

Mouth perfected - ear, nose & throat engineer required
Plus robots and space for all you weird news traditionalists
30 April 2010

Don't mention the war
The internet loses its only joke, plus eBay shame and the app of extreme guilt
23 April 2010

Storing inane thoughts is a basic human right
And what's been keeping Richard Madeley amused?
16 April 2010

Huge astrological rocks thrown at Brian Cox
Plus iPhone stalking tips for those that go out and a lady robot for those that don't
9 April 2010

At last! Technically enabled underpants
And a very exciting update about innovations in roof tiles
2 April 2010

Philly Flash Mobs in police 'Lockdown'
Plus some Facebook and sex things to boost casual traffic
26 March 2010

Depressed and marginalised? There's an app for that
And how a lucky couple won the Twitter marriage-paying-for lottery
12 March 2010

Has anyone seen a blue 02 plate Ford Focus?
Never lose another car again - and how to control the iPhone with your mind
05 March 2010

Jetpack commercialisation attempt #214
And how to order some food to throw up from within it
26 February 2010

Dog tweets are the 'Next Big Thing'
Plus the latest drug-dealer geo-tagging news
19 February 2010

Poirot 'not required' thanks to vigilant phone
Plus dog tweets and tough northern data centres
12 February 2010

Orbital Turtles and the Mustard Alarm
Those are two hot new bands we're really into right now
5 February 2010

Kirstie Allsopp in 'Greggs' Twitter rage
Plus electric sheets and a mobile phone for rich Uncle Derek
29 January 2010

Never joke about bombs...
...or wash your USB sticks - and other tech lifestyle tips
22 January 2010

Roll up! Roll up! Rare lady-based tech story!
Plus shock celebrity Twitter sulking sensation
15 January 2010

Escaped convict uses Facebook to taunt police
And eBay carries out a citizen's arrest, saving a fridge
1 January 2010

Film released showing public transport working in snow
Brits shocked
25 December 2009

Chinese couple swap child for mobile phone
Child offended as they only got a PAYG job from Alcatel
18 December 2009

Get superhero powers by taking a cheap flight
Plus dinosaur theft and shareholder-approved comedy
11 December 2009

Lost laptops and misplaced romance
Hang on while I Tweet my undying love to 57 strangers
4 December 2009

Morocco test fires man-rocket
Plus bad news for Americans who exchanged sexy texts in 2001
27 November 2009

IBM creates computer that thinks like a cat
Wants to go outside even though it's just been outside
20 November 2009

Avoid the crime with top tech alibis
Then make amends for your wicked ways with Bible Navigator X
13 November 2009

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